Know the iPhone Features Hiding in Plain Sight

You already know the basic use of your iPhone. But several features are hiding in plain sight that can make your life so much easier. Keep reading to learn some of those features that you’ve been ignoring.

Silence Unknown Calls

Automated telemarketing calls can annoy you. If you’re driving or in the middle of an important meeting, these calls can distract you. Worst of all, blocking these calls is easier said than done.

Luckily, iPhones come with a built-in feature to silence these calls, so you are not disturbed during a busy day. First, go to the Settings app > choose Phone > enable the Silence Unknown Callers option. Then, calls from unknown callers will directly go to voicemail.

The Shortcuts Feature

Shortcuts on iPhone can enhance your productivity. In iOS 12, Apple rebranded the Workflows app as Shortcuts. With this default application, you can quickly learn how to make a shortcut on iPhone to accomplish tasks efficiently. You can choose from a long list of presets.

Some popular shortcuts include converting live photos to GIFs or playing your favorite playlist in just a few taps.

Navigate The Phone By Speaking

Voice Control is an incredible feature that iPhone users have ignored for far too long. With this, you can navigate applications or lock your screen by speaking.

Go to Settings > tap Accessibility > Voice Control > Set Up Voice Control and follow the prompts to complete the process. You will see a list of in-built voice commands on your screen, or you can create customized commands.

Scan Documents Using Your Phone

Your iPhone can do the job of a scanner. So when you need to scan and share documents urgently, don’t look hither and thither. Instead, go to the Notes application > open a new note > Camera > Scan Documents.

To take a clear photo, place the piece of paper or document as flat as possible on a well-lit surface. Then, tap Keep Scan and select Save.

You can tap Share to share the document and choose how to send it.

Interactive Pictures

Apple came up with this brilliant idea to make the texts in Photos interactive. The texts are clickable. So you can click URLs and numbers in pictures and visit the website or call the number. Furthermore, the Photos app adds different kinds of metadata to the images. You can take a picture of a flower or your pet and click on a link with all the information about the flower or your pet.

Legacy Contacts

Legacy Contacts is a new feature that allows users to designate contacts who will inherit their data after they die. In this process, your family group’s participants will be automatically available for selection. Also, you have the option of adding anyone from your contacts. Then you will send them a message to add the key to their account settings. With this key, they can access your data after you are gone.


Focus mode is an excellent feature that adds more utility to your iPhone. So instead of silencing notifications, you can create a home screen for that mode. With this feature enabled, you can eliminate distractions and only receive notifications from specific contacts during different parts of the day.

For example, you can create a Work mode where you’ll only receive notifications from your colleagues and emergency contacts. You can create a Fitness mode that surfaces workout, weather, and healthy widgets. When you activate these different modes, your iPhone will transform.

Also, you can inform people when you’re sleeping, driving, or working out.

Slide from letter to letter to text

Slide to Text is an excellent feature that allows users to compose an email, text, or document by sliding the letters to create entire words. So you don’t have to aggressively tap individual letters to create words.

You can do this by sliding your finger from letter to letter to form a word. You may need some time to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that composing texts becomes quicker.

Typically, this feature is on by default but if it isn’t enabled, go to Settings > tap General > Keyboard > switch on Slide to Type.

Redo or Undo with Three Fingers

iPhone users often forget about Shake to Undo. Honestly, rather than shaking, it is easier to go back and undo a text. Luckily, there’s another way of undoing and redoing on your iPhone. Simply tap with three fingers in a text field to undo or redo.

The function comes in handy when writing a text or email.

Final Thoughts

These are some features that you might be ignoring, but the list doesn’t stop here. So keep exploring the different functions and features to become an iPhone pro. Time to get busy!