Know More About These Important Tools From GogoPDF That You Can Use For Free

GogoPDF is a web-based tool designed to ease one’s task involving PDF and other file formats. It is one of the online tools that you should learn to utilize since PDFs are widely used nowadays. In addition, GogoPDF comes with several features that are easy to use. Here are some of the tools from GogoPDF that you can use for free: 

How To Delete PDF Page/s 

There would be times that you might receive a file from your boss that comes with unnecessary page/s. In this case, if you know how to remove page/s from a PDF file, this task would be easy for you. However, if you have no idea how to do it, you will have to redo the entire file or scan it manually. 

If you come across such a problem, do not hesitate to search on the internet. Also, you can use GogoPDF as your online tool. GogoPDF can easily delete pages from PDF using the most straightforward method. In addition, this tool can ensure you the best possible results since it has a sophisticated system and technology. 

As mentioned above, this tool is easy to use, and it’s free. Plus, the entire procedure will only last a couple of minutes if you thoroughly follow each instruction provided by GogoPDF. So, at last, here’s the guide on how to delete pages from your PDF file using GogoPDF: 

  • First, search for your file and place it in GogoPDF’s tool.
  • Next, you can select the page/s that are not necessary for your file.
  • After that, the system of GogoPDF will automatically process and analyze your file. It would be done in a minute or less, depending on your internet connection.
  • Finally, look for your file’s link. Press it, and it will start to download your newly modified PDF file. 

How To Add A Watermark To A PDF File

Today, everyone can access some PDF files on the internet for free. As a result, other people will have the idea of stealing other people’s files. With that, if you are planning to post your file online, you should take extra measures to prevent such a thing from happening. Luckily, there is a way of doing it with only a little effort. 

Watermarking your file is one of the methods that prevent others from stealing your file. Why? Once you watermark your file, it means that the content and the entire posted file will be rightfully yours. In addition, when you insert a watermark on your PDF file, you are putting something that is crafted by you entirely. 

If you want to insert a watermark into your PDF file, you should check for some awesome online tools. One of the many web-based tools you can utilize is the GogoPDF. With its tool, you can easily place a watermark on your PDF using the most straightforward steps. Also, the entire task will only take a few steps! 

The first step is to look for your file on your device and put it in GogoPDF’s system. Once done, you can start inserting the watermark that you desired. Also, you can choose different watermarks such as images and texts. Once done, the system will process your file. At last, click your file’s link and start downloading your newly watermarked PDF. 

How To Merge A PDF File

To some, organizing several PDF files is a hard task to do. However, it is a necessary knowledge that you can surely use at work and school. Thus, learning it would be beneficial for you. One of the methods that can easily organize your file is by combining or merging your PDF files. 

Using GogoPDF, you can easily merge your PDF files with minimal effort. All the steps involved in this tool are easy and manageable. Thus, even if you are new to using devices, you can still quickly learn how to use this tool. By following these steps, you can merge your PDF files: 

  • First, you have to locate your files and drop and drop them in GogoPDF’s tool.
  • Once done, you can now start merging your file. You can also choose the sequence and arrangement of your files. 
  • Next, GogoPDF will start the process, and it should be ready in a minute.
  • Finally, click your file’s link and start downloading it. 


The entire article discusses the steps of some of GogoPDF’s tools. Also, if you are searching for other tools that are not mentioned above, you can visit GogoPDF’s website. If you visit their website, you can avail of their free trial promo. Visit now!