Know Daniel Farzaneh Better

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Daniel Farzaneh was the son of two immigrant parents that came to the United States from Iran. After living in Mississippi for his early childhood years the family moved to Atlanta, GA where his mother opened a series of dental offices and father worked as a biomedical engineer.

In March of 2021, Daniel was working at his mom’s dental clinic and cleaning the rooms after every single patient. While doing this, Daniel observed how much excessive work and time it took to clean and set up each room. He thought that there had to be a better way to get these rooms set up and cleaned faster. This thought led me to the idea of building prepackaged kits that has everything in it, similar to a suture kit you’d see in a hospital. The feedback was great and it led to Daniel launching The Dental Kits.

While months passed, Daniel continued to work on his music, school and TDK. Daniel was very active in the music scene and would always hear his fellow musicians complain about the crazy prices they would have to pay for studio time, music equipment, and other products and services they needed to reach their audience. Daniel had the idea to use his already established platform in the music industry to offer discounted prices on various products and services that were essential to all creators. This led to Daniel building and developing the only discounted music creation platform, Citrus Music Group. The company offers discounted prices for studio time, music equipment, graphic professionals and much more . It is also a great plat form for artists and creators to find whatever it is they need in order to create.

Daniel is still the CEO of Citrus Music Group and The Dental Kits. The Atlanta based companies are what Daniel spends most of his time doing along with finishing his biology and finance degrees at Georgia St. University. In his free time Daniel still creates music and spends time with his friends/family. This young entrepreneur is smart, talented and motivated. I am sure this wont be the last you hear about him.

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