Kenny Claytor And The Making of Chick-Fil-A Remix

Kenny Claytor is a young boy who always was very talented with music. One day he decided to create a song called Chick-fil-A rap. Kenny always loved Chick-fil-A so this was very special to him.He created the song in December of 2021 ever since he first released Chick-fil-A rap then he released Chick-fil-A remix. Chick-fil-A remix was a big milestone Kenny got 10k views and keeps growing everyday.

In February of 2022 Kenny released mama’s cake with in its first day got 100 views. Kenny is currently working on a remix for mama’s cake. Kenny is now teaming up with chicken wing to create a song about Barney it is going to be fire. Kenny says “Barney was always special to him”. In conclusion, Kenny Claytor is one of the best young artist he will make a lot of growth and will do very good in his future.