Keep An Eye on Bree Jaxson’s Upcoming Track, “Way Back.”

Bree Jaxson, an Air Force war veteran, announces the release of her new track, “Way Back.” Set to come out this coming Friday, the stirring music will feature upbeat melodies and bright attitudes. Jaxson will transport her listeners on an exciting journey that is ideal for a joyous holiday weekend through “Way Back.” Playful and high-spirited, it was written with the intention of appealing to listeners who are searching for some fresh music. In this new project, the artist has made an effort to ensure that this track is distinguishable from others she has previously composed. Speaking about her latest single, Jaxson shares, “I want to show that this song is different from my others. It’s fun, flirty, sexy, and is the perfect song going into the summer.” 

Bree Jaxson is a recording artist who started bringing out her musical endeavors publicly in 2018 with her debut single titled “Kryptonite.” In 2021, she set the music landscape on fire with the release of three singles, namely, “Make Me Hate You,” “Country Heart City Roots,” and “Giving In.” She is most recognized for her unbridled enthusiasm for music and her use of country music sounds. She believes one can express oneself through music, and she uses it as a tool to disseminate positivism and a never-ending narrative. Currently, Jaxson is deployed to the United States Mexican border with the United States Air Force. While serving the country, she continues to make music. The way she is composing music and garnering a fan base, it won’t be surprising to see her become a household name soon. 

“Way Back” will be out on May 27. Make sure to pre-save it, and visit Bree Jaxson’s website and Instagram for more details.


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