KCS is set to gift 100% of its Profits to its Clients during COVID-19 to Combat Negative Economic Growth

Since the situation world-wide is becoming terrible due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are many companies and enterprises which were following the traditional methods of business due to which their entire business has come to a standstill because of the lockdown. The lockdowns that were announced for a few weeks in various countries, seems to extend for another month or more. In such a situation, many businesses will incur huge losses, which is of course a matter of concern today.

However, there are some companies standing by people amidst these crises, helping them to GO DIGITAL and have online existence so they don’t find themselves out of the race after the situations are normal. One such company is KCS Technologies Inc. Established in the year 2008, KCS Technologies is a division of Kapil Group – A conglomerate of 40 companies involved in more than 24 different businesses, with over 400 offices and 16,000 employees worldwide. The global headquarter of KCS Technologies is in Wyoming with its offices in multiple locations, including India, UK, Australia, Indonesia, and Estonia. In India, KCS operates from Hyderabad with its offices across the nation.

KCS Technologies Inc., has decided to gift its 100% profits to its clients to combat this difficult situation where they are not able to work because of their traditional method of business. Whether you are looking for a web and mobile development services or for QA and testing services, or you want SAP services and implementations, KCS is helping its clients with their requirements.

When each organization is contributing to the welfare of the society and people, KCS’ step to give away all its profits to the people to help them GO DIGITAL is praiseworthy. So, we thought to speak to KCS Technologies regarding the same, and luckily we got a chance to speak to Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula, the Chief Executive Officer of KCS Technologies.

Kiran, who is very kind and humble, even KCS’ employees don’t hesitate to say this whenever they get a chance. While speaking to us, he said, “This is the time when we should stand by each other, not like business partners but like family members. The idea behind offering our profits to our clients and people is simple – we all are going through difficult times and it is our duty as an organization, as a service provider, and as an employer to help people and the community to fight these crises and come out even stronger than before.”

He further added, “Our employees are working from home, we could do that because of two reasons: the nature of our business and method of our business. I was thinking about what if we were using traditional methods of business. This thought hit me really hard, as it would have been very difficult for us to remain in the market for a longer period.”

Further he said, ”I think of entrepreneurs who are still not using the digital platforms for their business, due to which they will have to suffer a huge loss. I feel this is the time for them to GO DIGITAL and we just want to provide them with support to go digital. This is not the time to think of profits, because we know profits we can make any time in future. This is the time to just sustain, to support, and to be by each other’s side firmly.”  

He added, “Our offer is for the benefit of our clients and for our employees. Of course, we also need liquidity to take care of employees, retain them and help everyone survive the crises.”

Kiran further said, “I am sure most entrepreneurs must have understood the benefits of going digital. In fact, there are many who have already started processes to go online. Of course, things are very unpredictable, we can never predict what is going to happen tomorrow, but we can always prepare ourselves to tackle adverse situations in life. Going Digital is nothing but the preparation to fight back all the odd situations and crises.”

According to Kiran, the deals will be closed by April 30th, 2020 and the discount is applicable for all their services until December 31st, 2020.

Finally, Kiran urged people to adhere to the Government’s directives and to Stay Home, Stay Safe!