Kayla Ashton Keeps it Real in an Industry that Pushes Perfection

It Girl Kayla talks about her resiliency in one of the toughest industries there is and the importance of staying true to yourself.

By Claire Beimel

In this day and age, the professional world is extremely demanding, constantly pushing innovation, creativity, and originality. The fashion industry is no exception to these expectations as it unceasingly churns with short-lived trends, volatile and unpredictable demands, new ideas, and a continuous cycle of transformation. Despite all of this, It Girl Kayla Ashton has managed to put her foot in the door in one of the most competitive industries there is. Kayla’s resiliency and positive outlook have played a major role in her rise as a model, helping her persevere through the toughest situations the industry and her personal life have thrown her way.

Because of the unwavering pattern of change in the fashion and beauty industries, it takes an adaptable kind of person to manage all that comes with it. Kayla’s passion for what she does drives her to aim for perfection as she pours her heart into every endeavor, something she has consistently done in her modeling career thus far.

Not only does Kayla have a promising modeling career ahead of her, but she is also a savvy businesswoman taking propulsive actions towards the upcoming release of a new online business. As of now, she is in the midst of taking first-round investors and is pushing to launch in the upcoming months. All the while, she has been working at starting up an e-commerce store alongside the knowledgeable and savvy team of WeDoEcom4U, in which she will now be an official affiliate for. She has expressed her goal to help others to develop a means of passive income, and she believes in the team behind the company to truly do some good.

“I’ve been focusing all my energy on getting my online business launched in the next month or two, and taking all the necessary steps to get everything running smoothly,” said Kayla. “It’s obviously been a ton of work, and now I’ve taken on another startup in E-Commerce. I’m lucky to be working with a team who really knows what they are doing so that weight of doing everything all over again by myself just isn’t there. I trust these guys will have everything running smoothly. I’m feeling pretty worry-free about it all, and I am so proud to see all of these amazing things that I’ve worked so hard for finally coming to fruition and to be working amongst other like-minded, and talented individuals.”

While Kayla continues with her business ventures, she is still working on brand deals and growing her reach to a more extensive audience. She has emphasized the importance of exploring her passions and broadening her horizons while keeping a balance and being real with her followers. Recently, she has been sharing more of her personal passions on social media such as her fitness life and expertise in yoga. Kayla’s main Instagram account (@iamkaylaashton) is where she makes mention of her internal thoughts and promotes her impressive modeling portfolio. Kayla has been striving to remain prominent in the industry as she remains true to

herself and her passions, while also being a positive light within the online community as an influencer.

“It’s always hard finding a balance between your personal life and keeping an online social presence,” said Kayla, “but I’ve realized that instead of trying to be ‘that’ girl and trying to fit in a box, it is far easier and more fulfilling to simply be myself. My following has proven to be far more active and supportive of me being me, and I am actually having fun letting them into my life a little more than I have in the past.”

At present, Kayla is chasing after that blue checkmark on Instagram to expedite her image as a legitimate force to be reckoned with. With perfectionism and determination running through her veins, you can be sure to see rapid advancements in both her modeling career and business edeavours throughout the summer.