Kat Von D is selling shares of her brand Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D, a tattoo artist turned businesswoman has allegedly announced that she will soon be stepping down from her makeup company, Kat Von D Beauty. Her partner Kendo, who is her partner since the establishments of the brand, will be taking full control of the brand, which is now known as KvD Vegan Beauty.

In a statement, Von D said that she will be stepping down because of the pressures of raising a son, releasing an album, and also because of creating a vegan shoe line. However, some believe that Von D’s sale of her shares in the company had more to do with the declining sales.

Even many customers boycotted Von D’s makeup line following a series of controversies. The controversies that surrounded her decision not to get her son vaccinated and a potential history with antisemitism.

In March 2019, she even hit back at her critics with the video that was posted to her YouTube channel. The video itself received considerable backlash during that period. In fact, many people even suspected that it was just a strategy to prevent further boycotts of her products.

She did not even addressed her ex-boyfriend’s anti-Semitic past or her husband’s swastika tattoo. She instead tried to invoke her Latina heritage as a reason she isn’t anti-Semitic. She also chose not to tell whether she will get her son vaccinate or not.

The boycotts however, continued, even though its products were very popular. There was a time when the brand was a staple on beauty influencer’s videos due to the product’s high quality and long-lasting power. But today, brand’s mentions are nearly nonexistent. However, all of Von D’s products are vegan and cruelty-free, because of which animal-loving makeup buyers are still buying them.

Still the beauty communities are inquisitive to know whether the ones who have already stopped using Von D’s products would ever be considering to shop from the brand again.

Jonathan Matis

Jonathan is a writer and editor. He has a degree in Journalism and Master's in International Relations. He has a focus on British, American, Indian and African politics but has more recently found a soft spot for celebrity news. In his spare time, Jonathan loves reading/listening to crime novels/podcasts.

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