Karema McGhee releases new Meditation Vibes music to help people take short moments of what she calls WuSaah

How to Relax & Ease Stress in 10mins? This is the power of music.
Karema McGhee releases new Meditation Vibes music to help people take short moments of what she calls WuSaah. In this article we’ll chat with her to find out more.  

Hello Karema McGhee, tell us about your new project?
This new project is dear to my heart. Finally my meditation album is now available on all streaming platforms and our social media partners like Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok. It took twenty years of Alternative Medicine & Healing work for this project to finally manifest. I’m overjoyed. 

What is the name of the Album?
WuSaah. The name WuSaah is a play on words and is partly a homage to its musical composer and the thought that sometimes we all need a moment of relief. That moment of relief is what I call WuSaah.

What inspired you about this project, and what motivated the WuSaah music?
Well, that’s very simple. LOVE. Love motivated this project. 

My love for the healing arts, my love for people, my love for healing, my love for my brother, his love for me. The healing siblings often need. The love required for the healing to happen, and finally my desire to want people to have something to find refuge in. 

The music was tearful moments shared by my brother and I. Also moments of pure love. I don’t believe that kind of moment can ever be recreated. The WuSaah music is a snapshot of that moment and I offer that to all who dare to be well.

What is your message to your listeners?
To listen deeply. Sonically I left the imperfections. Things like me crying, whimpering, healing, and praying while reciting my lines. The movements of my bracelets on my arms, the sighs of contemplation, and the moments I had my own WuSaah moments during recording. It’s pure. It’s raw, and this is often what we need to reconcile our own indifferences. The vulnerability. It’s sacred. I want my listeners to escape a moment of this microwave, social media, corporate world for a moment of reconciliation with themselves. 

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