Josh Scott Music Looks to Take Back His Reign in Country Music

Josh Scott Music is a rising country music star who has been making a major splash in the industry as of late. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Josh Scott Music had the inspiration of being an artist ever since he was a young man. Both his parents worked in a bar, so Josh Scott Music was constantly surrounded by a pool table, jukebox, and good ole country music. As an independent artist Josh Scott Music focuses on creating real country music. He finds the inspiration for his lyrics from his past, mainly the trials and tribulations that he had endured. 

When listening to his music Josh Scott Music wants his fans to take away the message “That it’s never too late to chase your dreams, that your past can’t stop your future and that there are still people out there making real country music.” Having gone through such a difficult past Josh Scott Music feels he can help inspire others through his lyrics. Due to the passing of both his parents and starting a family of his own, Josh Scott Music took a 9-year hiatus but is back in full effect. 

Josh Scott Music has been able to achieve numerous stupendous achievements within the industry. He currently holds the I Heart Radio / Jack Daniels song of year award. As well as already having 2 million streams on his most current 5 songs on Spotify alone. 2022 will be a massive year for Josh Scott Music as he looks to take back his reign in country music. Right now, he has 8 new songs in the works that he plans to release within the coming months. 

Be sure to check out Josh Scott Music on Spotify and you can catch his latest announcements on his Instagram.