Join the party Metaverse with OXB1 DJ’s new single “Metaverse”

“Metaverse” by OXB1 DJ has been released as a new single. The song became viral a few days after it was released. It is presently quite popular on the internet, as seen by a large number of streams it has accessible. This song took a lot of effort and dedication on the part of the OXB1 DJ.

Having an in-depth familiarity with house music aids OXB1 DJ in creating original compositions for the genre. There is no doubt that the artist to keep an eye on is this one.

“Metaverse,” a work of art by OXB1 DJ, is just wonderful. As a result, it’s clear that he shouldn’t be compared to other artists. OXB1 DJ’s record label, Rumor Records, has outdone itself Metaverse with the song’s superb production and mixing.

You can listen to the song here:

You can also check on Instagram @ox_b1_ for more information.