João Rocha: The tale of a fashion and lifestyle influencer

Everyone tries to make a difference in their lives and help other people. That’s why it makes sense to become an influencer, because not only do you get to establish an audience, but you can also help other people as well. That’s exactly what João Rocha did, he used his passion for IT and fashion in order to help many persons from all over the world express themselves, find new ways to talk about the stuff they like and truly push their life to the next level. 

Early life and studies

João Rocha was born in Penafiel in Portugal, where he lived for many years. When he was a child, his passion was football, and he did want to become a football player. Needless to say, destiny took him to a new place. He went on and studied at the Escola Joaquim Araujo, and he acquired a major in computer science. This is the time when João started pursuing his passion about design and web programming. 

After finishing his studies, he started finding a workplace and in 2011 he started working in the administration department. He stayed with the same business, but now he serves as a manager. Since the company is in Gibraltar, he decided to live there permanently. Switching to a new location like this can be challenging, but it was a normal fit for João and he is very happy with living in Gibraltar at this time. Plus, he is actively making a difference by offering businesses some incredible solutions and services. 

What does João Rocha think about life?

The most important thing for João when he chose to move to Gibraltar was that he wanted to have an independent, free life. This is something a lot of people pursue in their day to day life, but that can be very hard to achieve. Yet João decided to take on the opportunity and just find a way to immerse himself into this kind of life, while pushing it to the next level. The fact that he can live freely and independently makes João more confident, and it allows him to pursue some amazing results and benefits in the long run.

Since he is all about having fun and enjoying life, a place like Gibraltar is very appealing, and it certainly offers the type of features and benefits one would be interested in. Like many other people his age, João loves traveling, he enjoys exploring new locations, and he really likes to bring in a lot of ideas and immersion into the mix. He truly pushes the boundaries to deliver spectacular, incredible experiences. 

What about his hobbies?

João Rocha enjoys videogames, and one of them in particular. He likes World of Warcraft, he’s been playing since 2008 and didn’t stop since then. He is also very passionate about working out and staying in shape. You will most likely find him at the gym during the day, trying to stay in shape and work out as much as he can. 

Aside from that, he also enjoys spending time with his friends and enjoying all kinds of entertainment. He is a person that likes the idea of living life the way he wants, so he is always open for new opportunities and ideas that can bring in fun and excitement into his life. 

How did João start his Instagram page?

The main focus was to try and connect with people and also share some of his travels with them. He started his Instagram page in 2018 and his main focus was to do something different. At first, he only posted content related to his travels, videos and pictures, while encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try out something new. On top of that, he also started uploading pictures about male outfits. This is another one of his passions, and he is thinking about transforming that into a fully fledged business sometime in the future.

You can find him at @itsjoaorocha, he already has an audience of more than 40k people and growing fast. There’s a lot to enjoy over on his Instagram, from various modeling pictures and learning about fashion to traveling and seeing some incredible locations. It’s one of those Instagram pages you will enjoy visiting again and again. If you want to learn more about João Rocha or just enjoy seeing the beauty of Gibraltar through the eyes of locals, you should go ahead and follow him on his Instagram channel today!