Jesse Neo and Milana Lebovich Launches Gemtracks in Baltimore

The world is gripped by an unexpected pandemic that has virtualized everything and disrupted many businesses in Maryland. This covers the recording business too. Only months ago, 23-year-old Jesse Neo unveiled his latest company, Gemtracks, to allow musicians and producers to collaborate with each other, and to buy and sell instrumentals.

Jesse first got his toes into the music industry after releasing his first EDM track in 2017. Then in the short time that followed, his music was reviewed in top publications such as The Huffington Post and RESPECT. Then music companies started reaching out to him for a bid to ask him to be their songwriter.

Now after having worked in music for three years as a professional, Jesse realized a lot of technological innovation has been lacking.

“I’ve been into technology since I was a very young kid,” Jesse started. “That was why I was shocked to see a lot of things that could be done digitally, was still being done manually. Examples including booking recording studios, signing contracts and even transferring files.”

That’s when Jesse got the idea to create a startup with Milana Lebovich, known as Gemtracks.

The two singers have already been in the music industry for many years. Milana belonged to the famous Los Angeles band, Nuthin’ Under a Million, and have also lend her voice for the soundtracks of several Disney movies including Wall-E.

“Gemtracks started out as an online store for me to privately sell by unused beats and instrumentals,” Jesse recalled to us. “However when sales of up to $500 started coming in, and the website started becoming well known, I realized it was time to turn it into a marketplace.”

That was when Milana, with her vast knowledge of the industry, recommended several features to be added onto Gemtracks. First was to include a service to book recording studios, and then a marketplace to hire and collaborate with music producers. Eventually, there will be marketing and distribution services to so that artists can release their tracks without the need for a record label.

“I think one reason for the popularity of Gemtracks was due to the fact that everything sold comes with the copyright,” Jesse continued. “This means the buyer will be able to do anything they wish with the audio asset without having to credit the original producer or pay them royalties.”

Today, hundreds of world-known producers have registered, many having worked for Universal, Sony and Warner in the past. Some include Taylor Carroll, Lucas Gold, Beowülf and I.Y.F.F.E. 

“Eventually, I want Gemtracks to be a platform that is sufficient enough to let producers and artist make a living full time,” Jesse announced with wide eyes. “We are also hoping musicians in Baltimore interested in joining the music industry to sign up too. I have been spending a lot of time lately developing free resources to help those new in the business. These resources include free tutorials, videos and eBooks.”

So if you’re an artist that thinks you will benefit from Gemtracks, make sure you had over there now to buy beats.