Jazzy France Cosmetics Inspires the Artist Within You

Jazzy France bridges the gap between beauty and community, allowing passionate enthusiasts to express their divine femininity through makeup.

By Sosana Shelah

In the realm of beauty, where the canvas of faces awaits the touch of artistry, there exists a haven where elegance pirouettes with vivacity and grace. Welcome to the realm of Jazzy France Cosmetics, where every stroke of color sings a sonnet of allure and every hue dances in the symphony of sophistication.

Imagine a world where makeup transcends mere pigments; it becomes a narrative of expression, a melody of self-celebration. Jazzy France understands this language of beauty with an unparalleled finesse. Their cosmetics are not mere tools of enhancement; they are instruments of empowerment, each product crafted to celebrate the uniqueness of every individual.

Birthed in 2009 in Manilla, Philippines, later moving to Paris. Jazzy France is cultivated in the city of love and beauty. At the heart of Jazzy France’s allure lies its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Like a master composer orchestrating a concerto, the artisans behind the brand carefully curate each product, blending the finest ingredients to create cosmetics that are as luxurious as they are effective. The result? A collection that not only enhances natural beauty but also celebrates it, leaving a trail of stardust in its wake.

From the romantic streets of Montmartre to the grandeur of the Louvre, the brand draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of French culture, infusing each product with a touch of Parisian chic. With their sleek packaging and intoxicating scents, every Jazzy France product is a work of art, inviting you to indulge in a moment of beauty and self-care. Jazzy France stands as a timeless ode to elegance. Their cosmetics are not bound by the constraints of passing fads; instead, they are a celebration of enduring beauty – a testament to the eternal allure of femininity.

Leila Tolentino-Cristobal, the founder of Jazzy France Cosmetics, draws richness from her Filipina culture. Leila knows embracing inclusivity, branching between colors and shades to make the perfect product that can be worn by all complexions, is what allows for a brand to foster a community. The Contour Powder Palette alone features six different contour shades that can be used from fair skin to darker complexions.

Making a large splash in the sea that is beauty, Jazzy France ripples the wave that carries you into the world of cosmetics by being a completely plant based and cruelty free makeup brand. Using ingredients such a sunflower oil, Jazzy France is a revolutionary company that stands behind the nourishment of the skin underneath the makeup.

Featured in the 2019 Emmy’s gifting suite, Jazzy France appeared as one of the top makeup brands available for nominated television artists and attendees to try. For those who consistently have their makeup done with minimal say in what goes on their skin, the Emmy’s gifting suite allowed for those in the entertainment industry who crave quality makeup to choose for themselves. Jazzy France blossomed the making of relationships and passions of beauty in one night.

Jazzy France Cosmetics bridges the gap between community and femininity, allowing individuals to share their experiences enhancing their natural beauty. Femininity grows where it is gardened – picked to be shared amongst all. Creating a world just for beauty enthusiasts, Jazzy France holds the key to cosmetic heaven.

With your skin as the most perfect canvas, Jazzy France inspires the artist within you.