Japanese Artist Riku (戮) released his newest solo track, ‘The Regret Was Left Behind,’ which chronicles a melancholy 

Riku (戮), a resolute Japanese music artist, continues to spread his musical radiance through his newest solo track, ‘The Regret Was Left Behind.’ The song features a Japanese neo-rock-inspired musical arrangement enriched with mellow piano tones. The artist’s influential vocal abilities will definitely enthrall his audience. Despite the fact that it is in Japanese, the track is breaking down all linguistic barriers with its chic musicianship.

Japanese singer/songwriter Riku (戮) has served as a lead vocalist for numerous projects like HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, Lin and chariots throughout his musical career. Now, the musical genius has chosen to pursue a solo career to capture his vision and artistic concepts best. He is a seasoned musician who uses musical experimentation to express his creative point of view. 

His most recent release, “The Regret Was Left Behind,” chronicles a story about a man who mourns the death of his loved one as he missed the opportunity to meet him for the last time. He implies that we should make and spend time with the people and things we care about, rather than mourning when it is too late.

The theme of the song is based on one of the artist’s favorite sayings, “No point crying over spilled milk.” The song actually talks about an idea that motivates and encourages a man to move on from their misery and let go of the ‘what could have happened’ and live a false, paralleled dream.

‘The Regret Was Left Behind’ is now available on Spotify. You can follow Riku (戮) on Twitter and Instagram for more details on his upcoming projects.