JamesDJJ Is Back At Fashion Weeks

After months of the lockdown period  JamesDJJ is at his first fashion show after coronavirus, Altaroma fashion show in Rome, his hometown.
While he was whit his family in Italy JamesDJJ finally enjoyed his first runway after COVID, wearing, as always, one of his outstanding and iconic, in his way, outfits.

JamesDJJ Wearing A Yekaterina Ivankova Trench

Louboutin, Heron Preston, Yekaterina Ivankova, Blasted Skin and Fendi where only some of the brand used in his outfit, and for JamesDJJ and his stylist is mandatory and his trademark to use high and stiletto heels.
The artist announced his presence at the show on Instagram, firstly posting some stories and then posting a photo, quite rare for him, while e changed some parts of his outfit, having his Heron Preston keggins and a Fendi short, he switched from a coat of Yekaterina  Ivankova and then a leather choker belt from Blasted Skin, he also had a plastic raincoat (brand unknown).

James, the king of the excess, wore as main part of his outfit a Louboutin ribbon stiletto,  that he wore for the entire event, then he changed more times other parts of his outfit, as always then, thanks to his chameleonic personality.

JamesDJJ Arriving At The Fashion Show

It’s been exciting to see that after COVID something happened in the fashion business and seeing again JamesDJJ at a event, waiting for more.