Jamal Baloch: A Light In The Darkness Of This Cruel World

In a world full of injustice, cruelty and violation of rights of minorities and the poor, there is a dire need of influencers and freelance journalists who become the voice of those suffering from injustices and help them in the best way possible. Jamal Baloch is also such an activist who is struggling to raise his voice for the people of Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. Since many years, Balochistanis have been going through a lot and it is so clear that they didn’t get the proper coverage or attention and so their problems remain unsolved.

Jamal Baloch is currently actively working to become the voice of the people of Balochistan as someone who has been a victim of this himself. Balochistanis protested and campaigned for their rights but they remain deprived of proper media coverage- none of the local newspaper or news channel mentioned them. Hence, the world is still in darkness and unaware of what is happening there. The situation is getting worse with each passing day as the oppressors are getting more confident because there is no one to stop them. At times like these, activists like Jamal Baloch prove to be the solution to their problems

Jamal Baloch believes that if consistent efforts and struggle is done, there is a chance that Balochistan also becomes a peaceful province like any other. For years, Frontier Crops have misused its power, tortured and disrespected the residents of Balochistan. These people even suffer for the basic human rights but have no one to rely on for support and protection of their lives and property. 

However, Jamal did not give up and continued to work hard to make Balochistan a better place. For this, he first of all increased social media coverage of all the happenings of Balochistan. He brought these scenes to the public’s attention through his social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This way, the untold story of Balochistan becomes the talk of people’s conversations and forces the government to take action against all the killings, illegal arrests, and much more. 

Not only did Jamal Baloch spread awareness about Balochistan, but he also actively participated in the incidents taking place there. There are many examples of such events where he tweeted and supported the victims but his role in a few of them like the Murad Ameer case is very evident. The ten-year-old, Murad Ameer was sexually assaulted by the Frontier Crops Personnel. This caused huge protests in cities of Balochistan specifically, Gwadar, Hoshap, Kech, and Quetta but again it didn’t get the deserved media coverage and the matter remains unnoticed till Jamal Baloch decided to bring it on his social media. It helped the victim as the hashtag #JusticForMuradAmeer got viral on Twitter. 

Similar acts have happened in the past and likewise, Jamal has tried to contribute his part of work every time. He also tweeted in support of two Baloch graduates when they were killed by Pakistan security forces unjustly. From time to time he tweeted for Balochistan to get freedom from the torture and tormented rule of terrorists. In addition to this, he also spoke about other social issues of Balochistan as well. He spoke in favor of Balochistan when the Pakistan army set a huge forest area in Balochistan. This way, since the beginning, Jamal has always fearlessly raised his voice and hopes to see a bright future. 

His goals are evident enough- he wants increased social media coverage of everything going on anywhere. He is a steadfast person who knows that the only way to be heard is to speak and he is doing it religiously. He aims to spread his word and message to as wide an audience as possible to get the solution to prevailing injustice and cruelty. You must follow him on his TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.