Jade Luna talks Jupiter in Aries with ASTERIAN Astrology (4/20/23-5/1/24)

Our intellects are on fire during Jupiter in Aries, ignited with powerful ideas and surges of intuition. This is time to let go of the limits of our past and come up with new solutions for the future. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is always willing to step fearlessly into uncharted territory. I, Jade Luna am an Aries and chose the dark goddess as my guru, the path of fearlessness, an Aries trait. During this transit, we can see possibilities to improve ourselves that we simply couldn’t see before, we have to embrace our fears and overcome them. With Jupiter in Aries, it’s not about taking our time to slowly map out a strategic plan, it’s about feeling inspiration and making it happen. Aries is a sign for yogis that want to pierce through realms of consciousness by themselves. We all know that people of Aries do not need help, they can do it on their own, knowing that every experience is a learning experience that helps us grow.

While Jupiter often encourages us to learn from others, Jupiter in Aries is more about self-teaching and self-learning. We mustn’t be afraid to take risks and try things, whether we feel prepared or not. Trying and succeeding and trying and failing are both valuable ways of learning and growing. In fact, it may even be harder to maintain attention in a traditional “teacher-and-student” educational setting during this transit, because we need to learn things our own way.

There can, however, be a danger in becoming so focused on ourselves and our own viewpoints. Opinions run hot during Jupiter in Aries, and we’re impatient for action, which can fan the flames of confrontation both politically and socially. When we reject the importance of two-way dialogue, we close ourselves off to learning — and that is a Jupiter no-no! Even though there’s extra emphasis on our personal mindsets during this transit, we stifle ourselves if we think too narrowly. Remember, this is a time to expand, not to contract.

During Jupiter’s transit through Aries, we make our own luck. When we embrace the power we have to control the direction of our lives, we are able to open up opportunities, solutions, relationships, and fortune that we were blind to before. Jupiter wants us to expand and embrace our potential as individuals, and to realize that we each hold the key to our big, bright, and happy futures — but it is up to us to put it in the lock and turn…


(Jade Luna in India)

“On a predictive level anticipate more summer heat waves as Aires, a hot fire sign greatly influences the expansive yet mutable planet Jupiter (Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius, both mutable signs). Fires that are difficult to stop can be indicated as well as and of course expansion of war as well. Jupiter in Aries indicates Explosions!! Expect Jupiter in Aries to produce the recession as in the heart of Aries sits a star called “Hades” and he rules over wealth (Roman name is Pluto which means wealth). With the terrible north node “Medusa” also in Aries, expect Jupiter to take a darker form as his mutability is topped by Medusa forcing Pluto to take his traditionally dark form. Jupiter in Aries “not great for the planet but awesome for the inner life.”

When Jupiter is moving forward through Aries he brings situations to us that encourage growth and opportunity. When this massive planet moves, though Aries, these outside situations slow down and the energy turns inward. During Jupiter in Aries, we are being forced to grow internally. It’s a time to ask questions that will help us identify who we are at this point in our lives, and if we’re truly satisfied with our sense of self.

Am I standing in the way of my own happiness? Am I the source of my problems? Do I have what it takes to achieve the things I desire? The truths we realize may be hard to swallow, but this is still a time of learning. When we can admit our shortcomings, we have the power to address them, overcome them, and get on the right track to satisfaction.

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