Jad Al Fakhani does not stop with the hits with the release of his new single “Always Moving”

With his track “Always Moving,” Jad Al Fakhani catapulted to stardom in the music world. No one knew who he was, let alone loved his music, because he was a rookie to the industry. Jad, on the other hand, is determined to reverse that perception with the publication of “Always Moving” and show people who he actually is.

The band’s current approach to house music is referred to as “Always Moving.” It allows listeners to recognize the genre for what it is. Far too many musicians produce popular music by listening to what the public wants. While there is nothing wrong with this, Jad feels that people should approach music with greater maturity. He had that purpose in mind when he created “Restless Soul.”

Jad requested the assistance of Rumor Records to guarantee that “Always Moving” lived up to its full potential. They have always valued input and recognized the importance of artistic freedom. One of the reasons “Always Moving” has done so well is because of this.

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