J.J. Abrams’ Biggest Weaknesses as a Storyteller

Director J.J. Abrams, one of the most dominant filmmakers in Hollywood has had a hand in shaping some of its biggest franchises. Abrams had a long history of being a showrunner and screenwriter before moving to motion pictures with 2006’s Mission: Impossible III and Super 8.

Abrams’ career directed feature films has always revolved around franchises, and even when his movie is not based on a pre-existing property, he chose to soak it in Amblin’ tropes, thereby positioning Abrams as an heir-apparent of sorts to Steven Spielberg by combining ideas between the two directors.

Not matter his huge success, Abrams has never tried to helm material outside of a blockbuster sphere. While Spielberg still broke out big with one of the first blockbusters, Jaws, in 1975, by 1985, he was doing dramatic material with The Color Purple and two years later, Empire of the Sun. Whereas, Abrams’ feature directing career over the past 13 years consists of two Star Wars movies, two Star Trek movies, a Mission: Impossible movie, and Super 8.

Abrams look like someone who never works to drill down deeper into what his characters or his story is doing. For Abrams, movies are not about the cohesive whole, but about the ride and the moments, as he’s able to cover that up through strong characterization and breakneck pacing. Based on Abrams’ attachments to major properties, he seems to gain immense popularity in years to come. As, he’s seen as someone who can revive waning franchises by covering it with a new coat of paint, casting well, and pumping in humor and nostalgia with some fast pacing.

As, he has got mega-expensive partnership between his production studio, Bad Robot, and Warner Bros., it seems that very soon he may take up the reins of the Superman series. And you never know that there will be big moments in future!