Ivana Glavić from Canada won most beautiful Croatian in national costume outside Croatia Pageant

Ivana Glavić from Canada has been crowned the most beautiful Croatian in the 7th fashion show of traditional folk costumes and the most beautiful Croatian in national costume outside the Croatia contest that took place in Tomislavgrad. The event was organized by the Stećak Association and the Croatian Heritage. 

Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, the pageant was held with a small crowd and the girls presented themselves via video which was relayed on a big screen.

Twenty-three girls of Croatian descent from 15 countries across the world participated in the fashion show. Angela Miljak from South Africa was the first runner-up in the show, and Annamaria Bunoza from Austria was the second runner-up. At the same time, Petra Anić from Bosnia and Herzegovina won most photogenic.

The other girls who participated in the contest were: Jasna Frković (Argentina), Kristina Drvenkar (Australia), Adela Milić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ružica Jokić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Christina Grgić (Canada), Nevenka Kovačević (Chile), Josipa Mrkonjić (Germany), Matea Varvodić (Germany), Nikolett Gati (Hungary), Anamarija Došlić (Italy), Jessica Greco (Italy), Kristina Božinović (Montenegro), Olivia Panžić (New Zealand), Ivana Ugrin (Norway), Izabela Mihaela Banac (Romania), Ana Horvacki (Serbia), Dorijana Vučinac (Serbia), Ivana Špoljarić (Switzerland) and Lorna Cikoja (Switzerland).