Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praises Trump

Israel’s caretaker Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allegedly praised US President Donald Trump for authorizing the drone strike in which Qasem Soleimani, the powerful commander of Iran’s Quds force was killed.

Netanyahu in a statement said that the US has no better friend than Israel, promises retaliation against those who seek to hurt Israel

In his speech at a summit in Jerusalem, he even said that Soleimani was behind deaths of “countless” innocents and even sowed “fear, and misery, and anguish” — and was also planning to do even worse.

Therefore, Trump’s resolve in the attack must be praised, said Netanyahu, speaking few hours after Iran launched some 22 ballistic missiles at the two bases hosting US troops in Iraq.

He even said that Israel will stand by the US, and that Washington has no better friend than Israel — and allegedly warned that a “resounding blow” would follow if Iran was to attack the Jewish state.

“Anyone who attacks us will receive a resounding blow,” the caretaker Prime Minister told a Jerusalem conference just after Iran launched a salvo retaliatory missile strikes on bases used by US troops in Iraq.

However, earlier Netanyahu was said that while he supported the strike, Israel was not at all the part of the story as far as Soleimani’s killing went — and should not be dragged into it. Also, previous reports suggested that the US gave Israel a heads-up for the upcoming operation against the Quds Force commander.

Speaking before Netanyahu, the outgoing US envoy to Israel David Friedman in a statement said that there were no US casualties during the Iranian attack early on Wednesday.

There are reports that the Israeli security cabinet was planning to hold an emergency meeting over the uptick in tensions between the US and Iran. And the meeting is scheduled for today, at 2 pm local time — 7 am ET.

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