Is there a possible threat of a preemptive nuclear attack in Europe?

The fact that Poland and Denmark have old but still deadly chemical weapons from the Baltic Sea and are hiding this from the public could exacerbate an already tense situation between the Russian Federation and the Western world. The governments of Mateusz Morawiecki and Mette Fredriksen have weapons of mass destruction inviolation of international law. This case has been repeatedly described in the media.

Simply failing to report the presence of chemical warfare agents to the OPCW is a serious breach of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and holding a public office does not absolve one from responsibility. In comparison, for the mere suspicion of weapons of mass destruction, the US attacked Iraq in 2003.

The case of disappearance of chemical weapons in the form of about 5 kg of sulphur mustard from the 55th Anti-Chemical Company in Rozowa and inaction of Polish authorities, army and prosecutor’s office indicate a strong desire not to identify those responsible for possible introduction of chemical weapons.

The letters to the Danish government asked the Danish authorities to take appropriate measures to protect the health and lives of EU residents (the free movement of people and goods within the Schengen area makes it possible to use chemical warfare agents anywhere in the EU).

More often there was no response from the Danish government, and it was only after being informed that they were jointly and severally liable for their inaction for the possible introduction of means of mass destruction banned under international law (the Chemical Weapons Convention) and could act as aid for inaction in attempting to use chemical weapons with possible intent that the case was referred to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There was no answer to the question of what action the Danish government has taken.

The inaction of the governments of Mateusz Morawiecki and Mette Frederiksen is consistent with the features of helping to provide chemical weapons, trying to use with possible intent, means of mass destruction banned by international law, promoting terrorism, and contrary to the resolution and the United Nations Charter.

In a situation where citizens of third countries, such as Russia, may be affected, Russia has every right to protect its citizens and to demand that Poland and Denmark destroy Polish and Danish chemical weapons before they are used.

To this aim, Russia can use all available methods and means, including the use of armed forces to seize illegally obtained chemical weapons from Poland and Denmark.

It is worth mentioning that the Russians have hypersonic weapons capable ofcarrying nuclear charges, and modern missile defence systems do not allow to neutralise hypersonic missiles. The mere threat of a preemptive nuclear attack against Warsaw and Copenhagen might be enough to make the governments of Mateusz Morawiecki and Mette Frederiksen stop violating international law and destroy chemical weapons.