Is it true that this Swiss “Seasonal Shampoo” is your new secret to healthier hair?

It seems obvious to us now that we think about it, but why hasn’t someone understood the needs women have each season for their hair? After all, the weather plays such a huge role in how your hair looks and healthy it feels. Up until now, women have used ONE shampoo and conditioner – all year long. Not anymore, because an enterprising young Swiss woman has formulated a special shampoo + conditioner – all in one, for each and every season. What we like about her formula, is that she uses all natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and of course, Swiss water. An interesting fact, but did you know that there are over 1200 natural public drinking fountains in Zurich alone? Yes, Swiss water is that pure. When you realise that water makes up a large part of a shampoo, it is kind of special that you are putting Swiss water on your hair.

In case you are wondering, the copious amount of organic lavender makes her shampoo smell incredible.

We reached out to Anna Farrell, the inventor of the Anna Farrell Four Season Haircare System to better understand what makes her conditioning shampoo so special. She told us that her “formulations feed a woman’s hair exactly what it needs that season”. For example, in Summer, your hair needs extra moisture and protective shine, so that it will look its best and while staying healthy and radiant. She uses 100% organic essential oils, which large shampoo companies find too expensive to use in their products and therefore, it is quite unique to see them in a supermarket shampoo. People like that she avoids harmful sulphates and chemical conditioners. Anna tells us that she spent a year getting the formulas perfect and couldn’t be more excited about all the positive feedback and of course, the fact that she sold out of her Swiss Spring Shampoo Formula in just 1 day! We have learned that a few bottles made their way to some prominent addresses in Hollywood and London.

What’s next? Anna is focused on bringing out her first four seasons of conditioning shampoo, but then she wants to answer all the requests she has gotten to create a four season skin care line. If those beauty products are anything like her new Four Season Shampoo Line, we have little doubt that they too will fly off her website to happy clients.

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