Is a Fleet Dash Cam Worth It?

The majority of accidents are not attributable to driver faults. Your ability to improve road safety may just lie in a fleet dashcam with integrated GPS tracking software. EyeRide is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle surveillance systems including fleet dash cameras for buses.

Investing in this critical equipment is worth every penny it empowers you to gain absolute visibility over every aspect of each trip. Install the smartest fleet dashcam, and it will be right there to protect you when you need it the most.

Be aware of what’s ahead on the road and monitor for risks using intelligent dash cams. The all-new EyeRide fleet cameras can capture what’s happening around the front and rear of your commercial vehicle. This offers drivers a vivid picture of road conditions, helping drivers navigate better.

If you are a fleet manager who wants to safeguard both your driver and commercial vehicles, it pays to use EyeRide dash cams. Accidents are costly, so if you can see risks developing and avoid them, you will potentially save a lot of money.

Let nothing blind your view

It’s good to be able to see both sides of the road in great detail while cruising. Even when an unexpected incident occurs, you can trust your EyeRide bus camera to record the whole story. As long as you are equipped with this critical surveillance tool for transit operators, you are on your way to keeping your drivers on top of their games.

Protecting your assets starts with properly understanding the high-quality in-vehicle cameras. In a matter of minutes, you can set up virtual eyes to record every incident on the road. What’s more, fleet camera footage can be uploaded to the cloud for future reference and quick retrieval. Check this link on the EyeRide fleet camera website for more info.

Why use a front-facing road view dashcam?

The best way to back up your driver’s account of an incident is to have an irrefutable eyewitness in the vehicle. EyeRide dash cams can offer you a high-definition panoramic view of the road so that your driver can have a better idea of what is going on around their bus or truck.

Safety is assured when you hope for the best but prepare well for the worst. Hazardous situations can crop up from nowhere; so, install an in-cab driver view dash camera to further improve your driver safety.

Do fleet dash cams have any benefits?

Of course, they do have a lot of benefits for commercial vehicle drivers and fleet companies. First of all, video surveillance systems can help in accident investigations.

After all, when you have everything captured on camera, you can use the video evidence it provides to exonerate your driver from false claims. Fleet cameras can also help cut down on driver misbehavior, and assist in asset tracking.

Some users even use fleet dash cams to verify compliance with company policies, resolve disputes and offer concrete proof of delivery, not to mention the fact that when configured with EyeRide automatic vehicle location systems, you will know exactly where your driver is in real-time.