Investing in your community with Favel Transportation

Investing in your community as a business is always important. This helps build community relations and also helps develop your community, which then develops your business as well. We spoke with Kyle Favel, owner of Favel Transportation, about the ways that they have contributed to the growth of their local community of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

From participating in food bank donations to growing facial hair for awareness and donating funds for Movember, Favel Transportation has spent a lot of its time supporting the community around them.

Some of the areas that Favel Transportation has focused its community development on include the healthcare sectors of both Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan in general. “We made a significant donation to the Moose Jaw regional hospital as it was being built to ensure that it would get the right equipment so that we would have a first-class facility in our community,” says Kyle Favel.

Favel Transportation also worked together with the Canadian Cancer Society by donating funds. Kyle Favel says, “Cancer has probably affected everyone and it would be nice to see it come to an end someday, but research and development will need to be funded through the Canadian Cancer Society and yearly donations are important.”

Favel Transportation also works together with their staff to raise money for the hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan by matching funds donated by them throughout the year. “ Our staff makes a donation every year into a donation jar and the company matches those donations and it goes to the neonatal intensive care unit in Regina. That was a key piece of Saskatchewan infrastructure that we needed for one of our children when they were born,” says Kyle Favel. 

Outside of developing the community’s healthcare industry, Favel Transportation also spends time on the sports teams most notably the children’s hockey teams. Kyle Favel says, “We donate to the Moose Jaw Warriors which is the Moose Jaw local hockey team. And we donate to their education fund.” To continue their support of the Moose Jaw Warriors, Kyle Favel as well as his staff at Favel Transportation have season tickets and also participate in the many community events that they host, to show their support and to motivate the hockey players and the community of Moose Jaw as a whole.

Favel Transportation also spends time working on its own initiatives to support the community. One of their more notable achievements is the creation of the nonprofit the Saskatchewan Big Rig Show and Shine. “We also started a nonprofit called the Saskatchewan Big Rig Show and Shine, and we ran a few show-shines. That was quite fun and rewarding. We were then able to make donations to anonymous charities with the proceeds, which was great, and quite rewarding,” says Kyle Favel.

Outside of their charity work and contributions to the local sports teams and hospitals, Favel Transportation also works with the community board. Kyle Favel says, “I am on the Moosejaw Chamber of Commerce as a board member. I go to our board meetings and I go to community events, to support and be the face of the board.”