Interview with “The ChainlessLIFE” Author Mischa Janiec

Tame birds sing of freedom – wild birds fly.” (John Lennon)
This is the motto under which the successful YouTuber Mischa Janiec lives. He is a professional sportsman, lives vegan and has a huge fan community worldwide.

His first book, The ChainlessLIFE, is his guide to a self-determined life, free from any limits and prejudices of society. In his practical part, there are step-by-step instructions for transforming one’s own ego, limiting beliefs and criticism of others into a new, positive self.

The sympathetic self-made man cleans up with myths of the Lebenshilfe and conveys his message to us: You can do it! Believe in yourself, then you can achieve your personal freedom.

Who is Mischa Janiec?
Growing up in a small town, after my school days I ended up in the classic hamster wheel: Red Bull in the morning to get out of bed, grass in the evening to be able to fall asleep and alcohol on the weekend to forget everything again. I worked in a call center and my life was far from desirable – every day just passed me by.

That was my life 10 years ago until I made a decision that changed everything.

Why did you change your life?
I wanted more from life. I wanted to break my chains and finally live the life that I have previously labeled “impossible”. I wanted to be free and take my life in my own hands. So I dedicated myself to weight training and became a professional natural bodybuilder. Through this path I learned what the right mindset and the necessary discipline can do for me. At that time I wasn’t born with anything – I had to teach myself everything and develop myself over the years. Of course, this included not only successes but also a number of setbacks.

What has changed over the years?
My life has turned 180 degrees. In 2016 I was invited as a Ted Talk Speaker and this talk achieved over 2 million views on YouTube. I also came into contact with James Cameron and became a part of the Netflix documentary “The Game Changers”, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton, among others. On the side, I raised three companies, still act as an influencer with several hundred thousand followers, and have been traveling around the globe with my girlfriend since 2016 and wrote my own book. In doing so, I live exactly the lifestyle that I had considered “impossible” 10 years earlier.

What is “The ChainlessLIFE”?
We are convinced that everyone can lead a fulfilled and self-determined life without chains.

Together we strive for the highest form of self-realization – both for ourselves and for our fellow human beings. We all have a responsibility to take our lives into our own hands and develop our potential. Only in this way can we become the best version of ourselves and can serve as inspiration for our environment.

Encouraging people to lead a happy and fulfilled life fascinates us and drives us forward every day – that’s why we have made it our business to accompany people on this journey of self-realization.

By 2022, we want to support 100,000 people in taking the first step towards freedom.

That is the vision of “The ChainlessLIFE”.

Where can readers find out more about you and your book?
On my website you can find information about me and my book as well as the entire vision of The ChainlessLIFE. And if you’re interested in keeping up with me, you can follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.