Interview with the Beauty in Business – Donnette Dawn

Donnette Dawn is an author, business coach and entrepreneur, she is also famously known as “The Beauty in Business”, and why not, Donnette is magnificent.

We have been following Donnette Dawn very closely, and have been trying to get a few minutes of his life to have some chit-chat with her just to know the other side of her personality. After chasing her for a long time we could manage to have a chat with Donnette Dawn. Here are the insights for all of you!

Where are you from Ms. Donnette Dawn?
Donnette: I was born on the beautiful island of Bermuda in Paget Bermuda.

What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur?
Donnette: Well honestly I’ve done a lot of things, acting, singing, working as a Business Consultant and more, but no matter what I did I was always fascinated by the how and why of the operations, I always saw ways to improve the processes, and from there I began implementing those ideas and they were effective thus the Entrepreneur Donnette Dawn aka The Beauty in Business was born.

What are some of your personal goals for 2020?
Donnette: Good question, I am going to make time to focus in growing spiritually. I am also publishing my book “The Beauty in Business” it should be released sometime in July.

Who or What Motivates you to be Successful?
Donnette: It isn’t so much a WHO but a What. There is this driving force inside of me that pushes me forward, something that says you’ve got more in you, keep going, keep learning, keep pushing. So I do, I believe people can do whatever they put their minds to do, but some people are born with a never-ending inner determination. That would be me.

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