Interview with Sabine Mondestin founder of the Open World Toronto Film Festival

Hello Sabine Mondestin! Tell our readers about Sabine?
Actress, singer writer & filmmaker at
Director & Founder of The Open World Toronto Film Festival

Tell us about OWTFF, what inspired you to create the festival?
I am a film lover and a filmmaker myself. I wanted to create a glamorous film festival that would be accessible to everybody. That way the event is free or by donation. I wanted to give the Red-carpet experience to any new and talented filmmakers. And I also wanted to connect new filmmakers to the world.

What are some obstacles you had to overcome in your personal and professional life that may inspire someone else?
The major obstacle in my career is usually funding it is hard to fund my project. I usually work hard and put money on the side to have the freedom to create. I know that we can not wait for other people to believe in you. Do it yourself even if it is meant to work 24/7.

What is some advice you would give women who may want to be involved in your field?
Women need to remember that they deserve a seat the table…Don’t wait that everything is perfect to do something just do it …Don’t ask for permission just do it. I used to be like that, and it did not help me in my life. I know now that we can be ambitious, nice, and successful but never wait for permission.

How do women of non-privileged backgrounds overcome the obstacles of poverty, race and gender and become independent women who are leaders?
TRUST in yourself – don’t listen to the small man or small woman. If you want to become a leader and overcome everything that is thrown at you – you must WORK. The best way to truly empower yourself is through Trust. Trust in yourself, sometimes the worst enemy is yourself.

How can women truly empower themselves and create the conditions to succeed in business?
YOU NEED TO LEAD BY LOOKING CONFIDENT PEOPLE BELIEVE IN CONFIDENT PEOPLE. The more successful you will be the more they will try to stop you, they will laugh, and they will make fun of you. You need to set your goals and write them down. Make sure you do something more each day to achieve your goal.

Tell us about Sabine’s Fun Table
I wanted to create a show that looks like A fun lady’s night, imagine you are a fly on the wall, and you are part of our fun night, so Sabine’s Fun Table is a show about fun topic discussions with fabulous ladies over wine.

What is next for you?
I am working on a new series. I am shooting the trailer next year. I am also in preproduction for several projects. I hope to be able to collaborate with different artists. I also apply for several grants so wish me luck.

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