A Short Interview with Photographer Patrick Schmetzer

Patrick Schmetzer is professional photographer and filmmaker based in Frankfurt am Main. Patrick Schmetzer has become known in the industry for his extraordinary style through cooperation with various large corporations and hotel chains.

Hey Patrick! It’s an honour to have you chit chat with us and we are really grateful to you for making time for this interview despite your busy schedule. Thank you once again, let’s begin with the interview:

When and Why Did You become Interested in Photography?
It all started around the time when I got my first Dog Sally. She was a golden Labrador puppy so of course, I took millions of pictures of her in every position and situation with my iPhone 4. As she got older our tours got longer, and I took more pictures of her combining landscape elements. At first, it was me telling her to sit still in the grass at a beautiful sunset and I pressed the little circle button on my iPhone. Then I had a friend who recently got Instagram and talked me into it, so I could interact with her images while she was on her travel trips. I started taking landscape Images on Instagram and also of Sally. I soon realized it was a lot of fun and I continued doing so. I started editing my iPhone images with the app called “Snapseed” back in the day because Instagram would not let you edit images yet. Then I managed to get money to buy my first Canon 60D and a kit lens. This is when I tried lightroom got better and better, had my first clients which forced me to make a company and it just went bigger and bigger from there.

What Sort of Equipment Do You Use?
For Photography I currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV, also I have a backup Canon EOSR as a backup Body. With Film Lenses combined, I have over 20 prime lenses to choose from, which help me greatly in finding the perfect settings for each shot. I work with Natural and Studio Lightning equipment. So it all depends on the booking which Equipment I take to the Client. 

Do You Work Well with Assistants or Second Shooters?
It depends really on the situation. If it’s a big event where I need to get many things covered at the same time, a second shooter is important, or if you place him onto like a Photowall for a few hours but smaller events like Weddings or Commercial Shoots for me it is not necessary. If the Client wishes for a second shooter, I will get him one, but I do not offer it to him unless I believe it is really necessary. When I shoot events, for example, I make myself a Checklist in my head which I cover to get the client a good variety of different shots, with a second shooter, It can come to misunderstandings and you will have a few shots double which are not necessary most of the time. I love working with Assistants for Studio Photography or Product Shots. I like shooting with Live Transfer Mode enabled. Meaning all the Images that I shoot get transferred in real-time on my iPad so I can see the details, lightning, and colors on a bigger screen. The Assistant can check the Images and mark them with Stars so the second we are finished with the shooting the Image selection is ready for the Client. This has great benefits. 

Do You Have Formal Training?
I have not studied Photography at a University or through a Mentor. Everything I have learned I have taught myself. Of course, I have watched YouTube tutorials for Photoshop techniques or lighting techniques. But for Photography you need to build up an eye for detail and esthetic. You can not learn this in school, it comes over time with lots of practice. I would probably have made faster progress when I have had classes or a University I attend to. I did Study at a Private University called SAE Institute, which is specialized in Media Business. But I took another course that had no big focus on photography.

To know more about Patrick Schmetzer visit: www.patrickschmetzer.com and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @patrick.schmetzer