Interview with Musical Artist – Sevy Campos

We have been following Sevy Campos very closely, and have been trying to get a few minutes of his life to have some chit-chat with him just to know more about him and his music. After chasing him for a long time, we could manage to have a chat with him. Here are the questions we asked:

Are you signed by any record label?
Sevy Campos: Yes, I am glad to be signed by New York City based “Bentley Records” which also is one of the most prestigious record labels in the world. I have also been signed by another record label called “Real Music Records”, from a town near Philadelphia. The good thing is that the owner of this record label happens to be my music manager for the USA.

What are your next projects?
Sevy Campos: Since 2017 I have released many songs, but my fans always have been waiting for my album. Thankfully this long wait is now over, and I am releasing my first album next month. I will release two tracks extract of this album, and the first extract will be released in the next few weeks.

Can you tell us more about this first extract?
Sevy Campos: I have been preparing this track with all my heart. For me, it is a very special track, and I am very excited to share it soon with everyone. I expressed myself here like never I did before. I have been working hard to make a track with a vibrant message so I can support and believe myself before I give it to the world.

Is your fanbase only American?
Sevy Campos: No, I have fans all over the world, and I think music has no borders. I was born in France, so I have a big fanbase there, but I feel blessed people from all over the world are listening to my music.

Do you tour?
I did lots of concerts in Europe, and I plan to tour in the USA as soon as possible, of course with the backing of my record label. I also plan to tour internationally because I see bigger now.

Why should people be listening to your music?
Sevy Campos: I make music for everyone… as I said before, music has no borders; it has no language, no social barriers. The people who listen to my music are telling me that my songs give them happiness and that what matters me. Do you know the famous Gipsy Kings? I was born in the same town. I learned guitar and singing following their footsteps. When I became Sevy Campos, I wanted to express myself musically with my own proper style. The guitar is here, but the Spanish singing is gone. I sing in English, with nowadays rhythms.

Do you have an online presence?
Sevy Campos: Yes, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin. My music is also on Spotify and many more platforms.