Interview with Model Gabriella Tirado

Hello Gabriella Tirado, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi! I’m a 23-year-old student who is refiring her modelling career.

How did you get into the industry?
I got into the industry when I was four years old. My parents were told that I should try it and that’s what I did. We found an agency that worked well with us and got to work.

What are some of your favourite brands and why do you love them?
I love high-end brands like Dior and Versace because of their history, elegance and tradition that come with it. I am not limited to those, and like more affordable brands like Zara, H&M as well as thrifting as a more environmentally conscious option.

How has working as a model affected your style?
My style is very eclectic and varies with the weather as well as where I am in the world. I love playing with different aesthetics and time periods in fashion, so it would be hard to change something that is already so mixed.

Who are some of your go-to style inspirations?
I look for feminine choices and inspire myself in celebrities like Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid and Monica Bellucci’s style when she was younger.

How would you explain your fashion style?
I love wearing the new trends with classic pieces that never go out of style.

Model Gabriella Tirado

Do you ever feel like you are two separate people, one when you’re in front of the camera, and a different one when you’re not working?
I wouldn’t say separate people, but in front of the camera, I become the person I want to be in the future. I channel a confident and best version of myself in front of it. It is still me, but a stronger side that I don’t use in my everyday life.

What would you say your strongest qualities as a model are?
The most important thing is of course knowing your angles! Confidence is great and goes a long way, but you’ll really help a photographer by knowing your angles well.

As a model, what are your plans for the future?
In the future I hope to continue pursuing my dream and growing my own personal brand so that I can have an impact in other people’s lives. I haven’t always been confident in myself, so I would like to help people work on that and become their best versions. 

Where can we find you online? 
My Instagram is @gabi_ftirado

Thank you Gabriella Tirado!