Interview With Milwaukee’s Own H1 Da Hook

Hi H1 Da Hook! How are you?
I’m doing great, thank you!

Where are you from?
I’m from Milwaukee, WI.

When did you start music?
I started music in 2000.

How did you get into music?
Growing up with a church going mother who directed the choir and was a vocalist/vocal coach, I developed a passion and skill for singing. Also, with my deceased father being a MC that toured the country as an opening act for Milwaukee group “Arrested Development” and “Digital Underground”, I inherited a great love for hip hop! Later after basketball I started to explore my musical talents with best friend “Al B” who was a young talented producer/rapper. We made music and rocked school talent shows until my friend Al B died from carbon monoxide poisoning. With the weight of the passing of my father and best friend on my back I took it upon myself to make music a career to live out their dreams as well as my own. 

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?
To give an understanding of my life story through my lyrics hopefully inspiring and uplifting. Also, to paint relatable and non-relatable picture to my listeners so even a person who hasn’t been through what I have can see it clear.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?
I wish I could work with Rod Wave we would make a dope song.

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?
I have a single called “Real Ones” featuring T-Rell. Set to drop in February 2022. The song is entitled “Real Ones” and it about the desire to have real love and friendships in my life going forward.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?
No except be on the lookout for new music and follow me @H1DaHook on all social media platforms.

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