Interview with Mathias le Févre, the London based Supermodel and Creative Director

Mathias le Fåvre is a Danish Model & Creative Director working within the world of tailoring.

He has made a name for himself in the international fashion landscape due to his unique and distinct signature style. Mathias has through his career walked and worked with several major fashion labels.

Hello Mr. le Fevre. I am fond of your style and your passion for great craftsmanship. I have followed your career blooming over the past couple of years, so I’m am excited to finally interview you for About Insider. I am sure our readers out there are also keen to know about you and your journey so far. Thank you so much for your time; I know every’ minute of your time is precious.

First off, can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Mathias le Févre, I was born and raised in Denmark, but my passion for classic menswear brought me to London which has now become home. I work within the world of fashion on both sides of the camera, I model and work as a creative director.

I heard that you started out as a young entrepreneur, can you tell us more about this?
I started my professional career at the age of 12 and founded my first company at 16, while still in school studying business. In short; a business selling building materials online. This was a major responsibility to take on as a teenager. probably too much when I think about now, it was days of sneaking out of tutorials to take client calls and skipping lectures to have meet suppliers. Somehow I made it all work, satisfying marks and the business is still growing today.

How did did you gain your interest for menswear?
Essentially this journey is what fostered my sartorial obsession. I quickly learned that you have to dress as you want to be addressed. The Danish dressing culture is fairly casual and school uniforms is not even a thing, so I decided to educate myself on the rules of tailoring though books and online style blogs. At this time, Instagram had just launched and I made it my tool to connect with likeminded menswear enthusiasts. I found myself aching to get more involved within this newly discovered scene, so I started writing an online journal on style and picked up photography to feed my creative hunger.

How did you turn your passion into a job?
For years this was my greatest side hustle, a hobby, and I thought that I could never make a career in fashion as I could not imagine myself becoming a designer nor a tailor. In my head I was aiming to become a banker or an accountant, so in that way, at least I could get to wear suits to work every day.

As time went by and I polished my content creation skills, I had a growing demand of brands from all over the world getting in contact, wanting my consultancy and help with producing content. When graduating at 1 g’ I decided to move to London to be closer to the home of tailoring. My mind was made up, I had to follow my heart and pursue my passion. A year later I sold my shares in the company. It has now been 5 years of working my dream job and love every single day of it.