Interview with International Expert Ms. Kseniia Konstantynova

Ms. Kseniia Konstantynova – International expert. Member of the board of The First International Ukrainian Foundation of Development Expert in the foreign policy of France and the United States.

Hello Ms. Konstantynova, tell us how you started your career in foreign policy? What inspires you?
Since childhood, I have travelled a lot with my family. I looked at the world and wanted to change it for the better.

My Father, a diplomat in life and a lawyer by education, taught me to understand politics. He gave me valuable life advice that helped me in choosing my future profession.

As we learned, you have lived in Paris for several years. What do you associate this city with?
“Don’t worry. You wrote before, and you will write now. You only need to write one real phrase. The most real one you know.” And in the end, I wrote the real phrase, and everything else followed. Then it was easy because it always turned from what was seen into love. It is very difficult to write a lot about Paris. Especially about what overwhelms you when you are there. As now before the eyes of Ernest Hemingway’s book “The holiday that is always with you.” It was this book that instilled in me a love for this romantic city. It was after reading it that I wanted to see this extraordinary city.

And most importantly, this book contained my favorite quote – “Travel only with those you love.” Paris gives everyone a journey of life.

What do you think the politicians in France lack? What is the ideal image of a politician for you?
A real politician must love his people and do everything possible to develop his country.

He is obliged to fall asleep and wake up with the idea of how to raise the standard of living of the citizens of his country.

And he must have analytical skills and believe in a prosperous future for Ukraine.

You are a member of the board of The First International Ukrainian Foundation of Development. Tell us what your foundation is doing? How are your plans for the future?
Our foundation is engaged in the study of problematic issues, analysis and development of proposals for changing the legislation of Ukraine, which relate to the activities of domestic and foreign investors (big business) in the field of industry, agriculture, transport, and energy;

legal support in the implementation of investment projects in Ukraine with the participation of international investors;

We also develop cooperation with regulatory and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and other countries in the fight against corruption to study and analyze the effectiveness of anti-corruption policies in Ukraine, develop proposals for improving Ukrainian legislation in this area using Polish and international experience.

Another area of the foundation is research and analysis of issues related to the implementation of the principle of promoting and developing local self-government in Ukraine based on Polish experience and world experience.

Where do you see yourself in 10 and 20 years?
After 10 years, I see myself as a successful woman. PhD in Political Science, Harvard University graduate.
20 years later, the first Lady – the President of Ukraine.