Interview with Entrepreneur – Tashawn “Rico” Posey

We have been following Tashawn “Rico” Posey very closely, and have been trying to get a few minutes of his life to have some chit-chat with him just to know more about him and his businesses – Liévre and Ink Studio Tattoos. After chasing him for a long time, we could manage to have a chat with him. Here are the questions we asked:

What made you get into the tattoo business?
My tattoo artist back in 2011 offered to sell me his shop and I️ took up the offer months later.

Being a business owner with a family, how do you balance a work/life with many hours of work during the week?
It is very difficult and I️ can honestly say… “I️ don’t know”, but I️ get it done.

What’s the most important thing in life to you at this age/point in time of your life?
Health along with making sure my family is equipped with the essentials they need to succeed in life.

How do you separate yourself from other competitors in the tattoo industry?
I️ am not them… they want to be what they see… I️ only want to be who I️ am.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from someone or experience in life?
Trust isn’t given… it’s earned. The closest ones to you; do you the worst.

What lesson(s) do you plan to teach others that look up to you or want to follow in your footsteps?
Be yourself, do it your way, never give up, we are all talented, we can all be successful… no room for hate.

Do you learn from your mistakes?
Definitely learn from my mistakes… that’s the reason I️ challenge myself so much. I️ need to fail or make mistakes to allow myself to become greater. Too easy is boring. Boredom causes lack of interest.

Where do you see yourself next 5 years?
In 5 years… I️ shall be a multi-business owner… with all my brands doing exceptionally well.

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