Interview With Artist Manager & Marketing Consultant Chris Bianchi

Chris Bianchi is an Entrepreneur, Artist Manager, and Marketing Consultant, among other things. After establishing his entertainment firm, CB Entertainment in 2010, his clients have gone on to achieve numerous amounts of success globally. We recently spoke with Chris about his latest ventures and how he stays focused during this time with no live music taking place.

How did you get started in music?
I got started like many other kids. Playing around in my house, watching MTV, and eventually starting a band with some friends from my school. We went on to play around our area for quite a few years. It was sort of a natural progression from local, into regional, into national performing. From there, years down the road it led me more to the business side of things, where I still stand today!

Did you go to College or have any formal training?
I did not attend College or have any formal training. For myself, things seem to come more naturally when I’m physically doing the thing at hand. Drums was and still is my favorite instrument. I spent countless hours just practicing between my hand and foot movement to eventually get the hang of things. Like riding a bike! I think a school could be helpful depending on what it is you’re trying to accomplish. I’m not sure you can really “Teach the business” I do agree you can give some insight, but until you live it- It’s quite unique.

How are you affected by the world situation for your clients?
Like every other musician and band on the planet- our entire 2020 year has been canceled as far as live events were concerned. Not only did we lose lots of money from all the bands losing their revenue, but it also had a trickle-down effect on their workers, merchandising companies, music venues, everyone. I try not to look at the negatives but how to immediately adapt and overcome just like anything else.

What adaptation have your companies made?
It’s had to happen faster then anyone anticipated, but was something we’ve been working on anyways to take place. Moving a lot more to online communication beyond just music videos or ads. Building online subscription services, offering unique content, merchandise, and its been nice in ways to allow the musicians to create and release much more content that can be valuable.

Where do you foresee the music business in 10 years?
I believe they will have old stars coming back through realistic hologram performances. We can see the stars of the past, back in arenas for a special event. I think music will become more of a destination instead of a night after night thing. The event will need to offer more to the people to keep them entertained.
Certainly, also believe that live concerts will become more and more of a theme. VR will allow entertainers to push the envelopes visually in unique ways!

Your personal goals for the next 10 years?
My goal is to continue pushing our own boundaries of creativity for both CB Entertainment as well as LEGEND Entertainment Group. We have some incredible artists of all kinds!

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