Interview With Award winning Singer-Songwriter Jade Mario

Jade Mario is a Young Multi-Talented Artist with no genre boundaries and a teen writers choice award winner who recently graduated from High school in Florida. He has been writing songs for major artists since a very young age.

Well, today we are honored to have the opportunity of learning more about his life and career.

So Jade, please tell us What influenced you to be a singer-songwriter and what inspired you to take the step?
I was introduced to music at around 7 years, as a kid I loved to write stuff based on the many interesting books my father used to bring me from his travels, I started writing poems which I later turned into songs with a few note on my piano, writings turned into magical melodies. Because music helped me relax, and with some of my school friends who were already making music, I felt like I could them grow by writing them songs which led to the Inter-State Songwriting competitions that I won. And so music became a part of me.

How do does it feel inspiring many with your music and still remain humble unlike most?
I have come to learn that in this life no one is better than the other, everyone is special, they haven’t just discovered their talent yet. So I do not feel any better than anyone, but all I can do is try to inspire in anyway possible. And nothing gives me joy than seeing my music make a positive impact, no matter who sings the song, as long as the ink dripped from my pen.

So Tell me Jade Mario, If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
The Music Industry has lost purpose, many singers/Rappers have forgot what purpose music serves really. They all just think about what they can rip, not the message they are spreading. And this has led to music with no purpose. If we all looked on satisfying our listeners rather than only being concentrated on fame and wealth, the music industry would be a better place to escape to after a long day for relaxation depending on ones mood.

What advice would you give to someone who just started Music and Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters?
If you really wanna make it in the industry you have to be patient enough to trust the process because success wont come overnight. Be unique because there are millions of songs out there, give listeners the reason to chose you among the rest. And most importantly know your fan base and be consistent.

To those who wanna become songwriters you have to write what you feel, a song without a true feeling connecting to a topic or moment is like an empty shell.

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