Interview with American Rap Singer & Animator Spifflorde

I had the opportunity to interview Spifflorde; he is an American Rap Singer and Animator who has gained popularity from his 2019 single “What I Tell Y’all”, as well as his various abstract animations. Read the interview to find more about Spifflorde. 

Tell us what made you want to become a music artist?
Spifflorde: I grew up around music and I was heavily influenced by the greats that came before me. Hearing others create sonic masterpieces is what ultimately got me into wanting to create the same high-quality music myself!

Was your music production always good?
Spifflorde: No not at all, it took me five years to make a solid beat. I openly tell everyone I make music with; initially, I was not good. Yet, what I lacked in skill I made up for in work ethic. I naturally got better with time and by trying new methods, and this work process helped me find a sound unique to myself. Five years is a long time, but one day it just clicked for me.

We discovered that you animate as well as create music. What got you into animation?
Spifflorde: Watching classics, of various different series at a young age got me wanting to recreate some animations myself. I grew up in the golden era of animation, and I had great influences! I always loved drawing, so to me animating just came naturally.

What should we expect from you this year?
Spifflorde: My velvet dreamz Lp, along with some animated videos so stay tuned!

If you’d like to know more about Spifflorde, we encourage you to check out his content on Instagram

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