Interview with Alok Kumar Ghose

Alok Kumar Ghose a former MLA from Mariani in Assam is a vivid social worker. He is a senior BJP Leader and Chairman of Linguistic Minorities Development Board, a Government Body of Assam. He is known to live and die for his people.

We have been following Mr. Ghose very closely, and have been trying to get a few minutes of his life to have some chit-chat with him just to know more about him. After chasing him for a long, we could manage to have a chat with him and here are the questions we asked:

Mr. Ghose what inspires you to work day and Night for the society?
I come from a very humble background. As a child I have seen extreme Poverty and inequality. At a tender age I was inclined towards the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda said “”Jibe prem kore jei jon, sei jon sebiche ishwar” English Translation – “Those who serve others serve the Lord in the true sense”. This one line of Swami Ji changed my life and I started doing social work.

Mr. Ghose Please briefly tell our readers about your social venture ‘Namo Canteen’ and free Ambulance run by you in India?
Sure. ‘Namo Canteen is inspired by our dynamic Prime Minster Hon’ble Narendra Modi ji. The place where I come from is a small place in the Upper Assam District known as ‘Mariani’. Mariani is a small beautiful town where all the people from different caste, culture, linguistic groups reside peacefully. On the eve of Bihu which is our main festival in Assam I decided to start this canteen for feeding the poor and deprived ones. We aim to serve them full meal at Rs. 9. This canteen helped many poor people get full meal with dignity.

I also started Free Ambulance service for the poor in the year 2004 with just one ambulance. By the grace of God and my people, today I am running eight number of Free Ambulance Service across Assam.

Mr. Ghose as you are also involved in politics and represent BJP I would like you to express your thoughts on the current political situation of India?
First of all I am a proud karyakarta of BJP. India is going through a very important phase now. Under the leadership of our Great Prime Minster Modiji we are building a great platform for the future of India. Today Indians across the world gets a special recognition. My own state Assam has seen massive development under the BJP. The condition of roads, infrastructure, connectivity and health has improved beyond expectation. Our Chief Minister Hon’ble Sri Sarbananda Sonowal and Finance Minister Hon’ble Himanta Biswa Sarma is working day and night to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of our people. Our Government’s zero tolerance policy against corruption is reaping results.

So I see a very positive development taking place in my country and my state and in a matter of some years India will become the Super Power and World Guru for sure.

Mr. Ghose lastly I would like to ask you regarding a recent announcement by you being the Chairman of a Government Body that you will reward couples for entering in inter community marriages which also gained a lot of media attention. Please tell our readers about this?
Firstly I would like you to know that the whole concept was perhaps misquoted or misunderstood by some section of the media. I belong from a Bengali Community. I regard myself as a Bengali speaking Assamese. Assam is my mother. I was born here and one day I will also die here. There are lots of people from these two communities who live in Assam as brothers and sisters. Lots of marriages take place between these two communities. Most of the parents don’t welcome this as there is a social stigma attached to this. So many young couples who decide to get into inter community marriage face social discrimination. So to get rid of this I as a Chariman of Assam Linguistic Minorities Development Board proposed to financially support the married couples to lead their lives with dignity.

But some media houses misquoted or misunderstood this. Our aim is not to hurt anybody’s sentiments but to enhance brotherhood between these two communities. Being from a Bengali community when I was elected as the MLA of Mariani, I built the biggest statue of Bir Lachit Borphukan at nakachari who is our hero who fought mughals and chased them away from Assam. My ideals are Late Bhupen Hazarika, Late Lakshminath Bezbaroa. As an Assamese I am proud of our diverse culture. I want to request through your platform to all the youngsters to work towards a prosper Assam and Prosper India. Jai Ai Asom. Jai Hind

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