Interview: Olly Gazal Gives the secret to getting Publicity when using Ollys TV

Olly Gazal learns digital marketing and promotions to reach the audience and he was able to get there after a lot of learning and planning through repeated trials and errors. Things were not easy for him as an independent music artist in the music world.

Instead of opting for just paid promotions, he also utilized social media marketing to reach the audience that was looking for something that can thrill their minds.

Explain your come up and what you would advice anyone trying to take the same steps to get more publicity like you?

“ Publicity is possible, if you put your mind to it. It’s not too hard. Just work hard and make good content and be consistent, consistency is key to success. I learned that from a lot of videos from entrepreneurs, Actors and Musicians etc. I got featured on Punch News Nigerian which is definitely top 3 biggest newspapers in the country, I’m also seen on Thisis50, The Source, Disrupt Magazine, local Fox News and Fox Interviewer and 24 HipHop. The mind is what will take you to where you need but God is my real secret formula to my arising as a Star in the Coountry of Ireland.”

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