Inspiring Documentary, “Life of a Fighter, The Journey” starring Chad George hits Amazon Prime

Anyone into the sport will want to watch this mentor and coach transition in “Life of a Fighter, The Journey” as it’s officially on Amazon Prime Video alongside various other award-winning documentaries.

The film, produced by New Heat Media, showcases the life of Mixed Martial Arts fighter Chad George as he goes from a fighter in the ring to a mentor for future competitors and champions.

“Prime Video was the perfect platform for this film, as we wanted the world to be able to step into Chad’s shoes in the comforts of their home,” says Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group, who has several EP credits working with New Heat Media. “This film is a great candidate for a watch party for anyone in fitness, MMA or Boxing, as it’s both powerful and  inspirational,” added Mazzone.

The film is directed and produced by award-winning team Anna Cespedes and Carlos Cespedes of New Heat Media, known for many productions including their latest film, “The Picasso of Thieves” also now on Prime. 

“Life of a Fighter, The Journey” focuses on how one’s life can change trajectory and the emotional impact such a change can have on those around you. According to director Anna Cespedes, “The film puts you in the mind and heart of a true fighter. It feels incredibly personal, and it’s as if you are right beside Chad as he survives this tumultuous journey. You are part of his world, and you WANT to see him succeed”.

“The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is myself,” says Chad. “I had low self-esteem and did not give myself the credit I deserved. I’ve survived every up and down imaginable, and despite the pain I would change nothing. It’s time for me to pass the torch to a new generation, and I’m thankful for the platform fighting has given me to do so”.