Innovative Jewelry Consultations: The Success Story of Rare Carat Inc

If there’s one fundamental truth that unites all first-time diamond ring buyers, it’s buying a diamond ring is, without question, a very daunting and expensive experience. With so many available options, from hundreds of retailers to every kind of style and design of a diamond to consider; how can any first-time diamond ring buyers ensure that they are purchasing the best quality with the best deal?

This is exactly the problem that Rare Carat, a company founded by Ajay Anand wants to solve. Known for its innovative online platform that makes it easy for any consumer to compare all diamond prices and quality across multiple trusted retailers. Throughout the years, Rare Carat has earned the reputation for being America’s #1 marketplace for all unbiased advice and purchases on diamond engagement rings. Today, Rare Carat has been featured in reputable organizations such as in New York Times, in Forbes, even been pinned by thousands of Pinterest users.

How Rare Carat Was Created

Rare Carat was created by Mr. Ajay Anand, an individual who found himself in an uncomfortable situation similar to that of almost every first-time diamond engagement ring buyer. It was 2015, Spring, and Mr. Ajay wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he wanted a big diamond ring at a good deal but he knew nothing about diamonds. There were hundreds of retailers and thousands of designs and styles – it was exhausting – trying to understand what constituted a good deal. It took him over 3 months to find the right diamond, at the right price.

If only there existed a platform that could have saved him over 3 months of exhaustive effort just to find the right diamond, at the right price. A later year, in October 2016, Rare Carat was launched which had every feature a first-time diamond buyer could have ever asked for from a long list of diamond prices from every retailer available and every kind of diamond style and diamond design available.

Rare Carat has it all. Whether it is a specific cut, color, carat, sharp, budget, or clarity. Every desired specification is easy to choose and even filter via different categories. Users can even save their searches and set an email alert or notification for specific diamond prices or other desired specifications.

What Makes Rare Carat Outstanding

Listen, Rare Carat is not just a platform that is used to compare prices but a place where any diamond buyer can seek professional unbiased advice from a team of expert gemologists, jewelers, appraisers, insurance partners, and more. Whether a diamond buyer is seeking guidance, first-time or not, every user has free access to expert gemologists who will guide how to choose the very best diamonds for their needs.

Looking to get a diamond appraised, such a service is also available at Rare Carat from verifying the quality of the diamond to its value, and more. Moreover, if the buyer is looking specific design and/or style, local jewelers are also available. There are even insurance companies available that will protect any precious investment.

Best of all, Rare Carat is a proud member of ‘the Kimberley Process’ which is an international group that certifies the prevention of conflict diamonds also known as “blood diamonds” which when explained simply is that every user that buys their diamonds through Rare Carat’s platform ensures a diamond that is safe from any human rights violation, environmental degradation, or even violence.

Rare Carat Mission & Vision

Transparency is at the heart of Rare Carat’s mission and vision. Rare Carat wants to make the diamond shopping experience for each and every diamond buyer as easy and fun as possible all while empowering every buyer with unbiased advice and tools. Rare Carat has been featured in multiple prominent organizations including The Huffington Post, Business Insider, in Forbes, in New York Times, and even Pinterest.

Speaking of Pinterest. Rare Carat has over 1,000 followers and hundreds of Pins that showcase every kind of diamond ring, from the classics to modern designs, from simple to the most extravagant. It’s easier to find what one needs when every diamond is categorized properly from the diamond shape, diamond education, diamond trends, diamond settings, and more.

As part of its transparency policy, Rare Carat has a blog that educates every first-time even veteran diamond buyer. Within this blog is every kind of article that was specifically written to help out a diamond ring buyer. The success behind Rare Carat is not just the technology behind its platform, nor the fame gained from being featured in reputable organizations, but the community that Rare Carat has built.