Influencer Anastasia Aka Stasiavuu Announces Release Of Music Single

Growing up, Anastasia, a.k.a. Stasiavuu, was drawn to music and performance. She worked through her childhood, first in play and then in training to develop her voice, movement and stage presence, not knowing that eventually she would also develop her ability to communicate her thoughts through lyrics in an impactful way that was appreciated by fans of all ages and from all walks of life.

After the release of her single, “Up In Smoke,” Anastasia detoured from music and began touring the world with her team making videos of haunted areas and capturing aspects of her day to day life. As her subscribers began to tune in to her videos in great numbers, she started utilizing the platform to advertise for major clothing companies and companies that aligned with her personal and professional life.

Successfully develop her status as an Influencer with a loyal fanbase, Anastasia is making her return to the recording studio with her latest single to be released in the Summer of 2022., Anastasia has started to collaborate with incredible musicians, producers, videographers, and writers and is excited to announce her return to music.

G Gulati

G Gulati is an Author, Celebrity Interviewer, Global Personal Branding & Brand Engagement Consultant known for his experience and ability to help individuals build head-turning brands that attract opportunities. Gulati has authored 5 books, and his idea of a fun day is writing, listening to audible books and decoding personal brands through interviews and polls.

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