Indie Singer/Songwriter Mandi Mapes Releases “Nostalgic” (-the Honey Pop) Video For “Daffodil Floors”

Indie singer-songwriter Mandi Mapes has released the video for her single “Daffodil Floors.” Upon its release, “Daffodil Floors” climbed on to Apple Music’s “Inspired Chill” playlist and Spotify’s “New Music Friday Christian” playlist.

Filmed in her hometown of New Orleans, the video has “ a nostalgic, hopeful tone as Mandi dances with her younger self (played by [her] daughter)…” (The Honey Pop) as she sings: “I will be running free as a child / And they’ll say that I should be doing more / While I’m making snow angels on daffodil floors”

“Daffodil Floors” leans into Mapes’ talent for golden-hued balladry, with her vocals lilting above loping piano rhythms, warm acoustics, and lovely bursts of strings. It’s a song that shines in its simplicity, capturing a sense of weightless joy amidst its pastoral swells of melody.” –Under The Radar

It follows “Surely Goodness,” a breezy, whimsical tune that calls to mind the goodness that is all around us, even in shadowy times of loneliness, grief and confusion.

Mandi explains, “I think the overall message of this album is to not lose hope. ‘Surely Goodness’ is a reminder not to lose hope even in shadowy times because the light is never far away. ‘Levees’ is a story about how even when you’ve lost something you can never get back, love is still waiting for you. ‘Dream’ says it’s never too late to keep dreaming. ‘Van Gogh’ illustrates the importance of trying again after failure.” These messages are bolstered by Mapes’ delightful voice and warm, stripped-down arrangements and whimsical melodies.