Indie Rock Star Peter Kasen Releases His Newest Single, Titled “Tied Knots”

San Diego-based artist Peter Kasen shares his second single, titled “Tied Knots,” from his album Providence. Skyward Records’ Ed M. mixed and mastered the album. And the Indie rock star Peter Kasen took care of all of the music, lyrics, vocals, and composition. The energy and rhythm of the thumping guitars, combined with crystal clear vocals, will just enchant the listeners.

“Tied Knots” brilliantly captivates listeners; it begins with a languid tempo, then gradually accelerates to intense melodies before returning to its initial phase. This indie-rock-inspired song is a perfect treat to people who are compassionate by nature. The heart-warming lyrics of “Tied Knots” will undoubtedly touch your heart. In his latest single, Peter Kasen discusses a difficult-to-heal wound, especially when things aren’t going well.

Originally from Miami FL, Peter Kasen is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer. In Berkeley, California, he launched his solo music career under the name “Propel” in 2005. Peter chose this name for several reasons, including not being labeled as just another man with a guitar. He continued to use it publicly until the end of 2008, when he was signed to the UK Record Label, Smoking Frog Productions in Wales, UK.

Peter has traveled ten times along the west coast of the United States and the Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest. He has also visited ten different countries while touring Europe four times. He is the quintessential example of a do-it-yourself artist, booking ALL of his own tours domestically and internationally.

Peter has six albums to his credit, along with the singles “Co-Pilot” and “Vultures.” His latest three-song EP, “Exit Wounds,” was released in January 2019.

“Tied Knots” is now available on Bandcamp and all major platforms. Follow Peter Kasen on Twitter @peterkasen or visit his website https://peterkasen.com/ for more information on his upcoming projects.

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