In-Demand Jobs Over the Next 10 Years

Article by Mr. Ben Bander Abudawood

The labor market is a dynamic one. 2020 has been an interesting year, with more people losing their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the labor market is beginning to kick into high gear again.

For people in schools or looking to start their careers, it’s worth noting some careers that would be a good idea — and some that might not be so much in high demand.


Like mathematicians, statisticians analyze, scrutinize, and apply data in a wide array of means and fields. They use their advanced knowledge of statistics across various aspects of society, including sports, government, technology, and business.

The primary job of statisticians is to predict trends and outcomes, anticipate behaviors, and look out for loopholes in organizational plans to ensure that they can mitigate risks and maximize efficiency.  To perform their objectives, the statisticians design experiments, conduct polls and surveys, and apply mathematical principles.

The entire reason for this career’s rise in prominence is the focus on data that everyone appears to have adopted. Organizations across different sizes and fields have started to rely more on statistics to help with making significant decisions, and this means that statisticians are more prominent than ever.

Computer Systems Management

Developers, coders, and programmers will continue to enjoy a boom in their careers for the foreseeable future. With more companies going online and leveraging on technology to improve their operations, they will need support staff and developers to keep their systems operational.

Home Health Aides 

Home health aides will help their clients in the older generation by taking care of them in their homes. The task is perfect for people who would prefer to stay home while they get older — as opposed to those who would stay in nursing homes and other elder care establishments.

A home health aide will take care of tasks like personal hygiene, dressing, medication, and more. They will also work with medical professionals to ensure that their clients are in good health.

Age is a constant. More people will grow older in the future, and with that comes a need for people that will take care of them. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need formal education for the job of a home health aide. However, most employers will require that you have a certification from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice.

Information Security Analysts

Just about every facet of security depends on the efficient functioning of complex information systems. The prominence of technology has also led to a greater focus on information security, with cyberattacks and other threats becoming more rampant.

The steady flow of information has led to a surge in demand for security solutions. Information security analysts help to fill that gap.

These professionals understand the workings of security systems, including software and hardware solutions. They understand the threats to cyber existence and the different forms that these threats can take.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, these individuals also possess problem-solving skills and analytic experience. They are detail and goal-oriented, and they are creative enough to get by threats and cyberattacks.

Like several other roles on this list, these professionals can find work pretty much everywhere. As long as technology is being used, there is the threat of a cyberattack looming. An information secuity analyst can examine a company’s risk exposure levels, look into the types of attacks that the company could suffer, and find ways to mitigate these risks efficiently.

Application Software Developers

Ever since the personal computer came into prominence, the need for skilled software developers has continued to rise. Smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, and consumer-grade technologies have exploded in the past few years, and this means that both individuals and companies across the world have been able to access the tech tools required to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Whether it’s developing word-processing apps, productivity platforms, or even learning software for children to use, application software developers have quite a lot to do, and their prominence isn’t to be trifled with. As long as the world has a need for technology, it will have a need for application software developers.

Another important thing to note about these professionals is that they work across all fields. Whether it’s tech, business, healthcare, or even banking there is a place for an application developer as long as technology itself is required too

Construction Workers

A construction worker takes care of construction sites. They put scaffolding together for the buildings and can even handle the machines that carry building materials from place to place. If there’s any specific craft that needs done, these workers could also lend a helping hand.

Some construction workers will need to have prior experience or extensive schooling backgrounds to work in the future.

As for the jobs that won’t be in high demand, we have the following:


Like with travel agents, bank cashiers should see a reduction in demand as a result of technology’s ubiquity. The cashelss society looks like more of a possibility now, thanks to payment processors and cryptocurrencies.

While not everyone is on board, more people prefer to live in the cashless society. Whether in a bank or at a local restaurant, the cashier is seeing rapidly-declining demand and will continue to over time.

Travel agents

To be clear, the travel industry has several opportunities and will continue to. However, with the abundance of comprehensive comparison websites, people can easily make travel decisions. Thus, the travel agent jo is no longer attractive.

People can go online to book tickets, make hotel reservations, and plan their entire trips seamlessly. As a travel agent, that’s a sign that the future isn’t so promising.

Taxi Drivers

Like travel agents, taxi drivers will have some significant trouble finding profitability in the future. The rise of ride-hailing services means that the taxi industry will soon begin a rapid decline, and the drivers who are essential to the industry’s operation might not survive it.

A reduction in profitability means that not many drivers will remain in the world. It’s not a career path you should look forward to.


We live in the age of e-commerce and ride-hailing services. These have encroached in the space of dispatchers significantly. People no longer need to contact dispatchers to book their journeys, as companies are now adopting automated taxi dispatch systems and booking software. 


The valet industry is also expected to significantly decline. Vehicles are becoming more advanced, with self-driving cars — a concept that no one believed in 15 years ago — not commonplace.

These vehicles are now becoming smarter, with valet services becoming more of a possibility. When this technology reaches maturity, there will be little to no use for valets anymore.

Newspaper delivery agents

The traditional newspaper industry has already suffered greatly from technology. Journalists have moved online now, with more companies vying for page views instead of publishing numbers.

As the world continues to go online, there won’t be a need for delivery agents for newspapers anymore. There’s no point getting a piece of paper when you can read the entire thing on your device.

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