In 2022, Here are the 4 Smartest Android Gadgets to Buy

Smartphones are among the most popular devices currently. Studies revealed that there are 7.26 billion smartphone users worldwide. This figure accounts for about 91% of the global population. 

Smartphones have offered mobile users many advantages as they have become powerful tools for most people. However, the current generation which are huge fans of smartphones have started facing a unique challenge. Smartphone companies are releasing new phones every year and giving users FOMO.

The urgency to purchase every new iteration of a smartphone cannot be fulfilled by most people due to the prices of the phones. However, buying a new phone is not the only way that one can get new functionalities or improve their existing phone to have the feeling of a new phone.

There are many smartphone gadgets available for android users. The gadgets give smartphones a new feeling and help the user appreciate their phone more. This article highlights some of the smartest android smartphone gadgets available in 2022.

1. Polaroid Photo Printer

The primary use for phones has significantly changed from when they were introduced in the market as communication devices only. Over the years, android smartphones have become more powerful due to greater computing power. The increased computing power on smartphones is commonly used for capturing memories through photography.

The camera and image output quality is a critical concern for many people when buying smartphones. When smartphone users capture photos, it is rare for them to go through the photos and reminisce about the moments. 

The android phone polaroid printer is meant to solve this problem. With the polaroid photo printer, android phone users do not end up with thousands of images in their phone without serving their purpose of triggering memories. 

The polaroid printer is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, the user can take photos on the phone and send them to the polaroid printer for printing. Printing polaroid photos also adds a nostalgic feeling to the captured memories. There are many brands of polaroid printers that one can choose from. Depending on the quality of printouts that you want, or the pronter design, there are other available printer suggestions on android tips websites. The android tips websites give more details about the polaroid printers and compare them to get an accurate performance ranking of each.

2. Tile

Bluetooth technologies seem to have an endless pit of possible use cases on android devices. One of the new gadgets in the market that uses Bluetooth technology on smartphones is the tile tracker.

A tile tracker is a gadget supported on android that allows users to track items or goods which are stored together with the tracker. The use of tile trackers is quite beneficial in some select situations such as when collecting luggage at the airport.

Android users buy a tile tracker and set it up on the tile app. The user will specify the item that will be tracked by the specific tile. If one opts to have the tile tracker in their bag to always know the position of the bag, they will list the item on the tracker as a bag.

When a tile tracker disconnects from the mobile phone, the user receives a notification stating that they have left something behind. In the awful case whereby an item is stolen, the user receives a live location update of the item through the tile network. 

The tile network consists of other devices running the tile app. The tile gadgets ping its location via other devices on the tile network and eventually to the owner of the item.  

3. Camera Lens Kit

Camera technology on smartphones is among the fastest-evolving components. Phone cameras have moved from using 2mp lenses that shoot 360p video to using up to 108mp lenses to record 4k and 8k video.

The yearly generational improvements in phone cameras often leave people feeling that the camera on their phones is not enough. The feeling of your camera not being enough is largely the reason why people upgrade their phones annually. 

However, you do not need to buy a new phone every year to get better camera performance. Lens manufacturing companies have developed additional clip-on lenses for mobile phones. The clip-on lenses for mobile phones can either be a wide-angle lens, a macro lens, and a telephoto lens.

The wide-angle lens is important to allow users to take wide photos without having to resort to the inbuilt wide-angle lens on the phone. This is because the additional lenses on phones always have dismal performance as compared to the main camera. The wide-angle lens allows users to take advantage of the main camera’s clarity while having the ability to have a wider shot. 

The telephoto lens on the other hand is pretty handy for taking portrait photos and videos. Telephoto lenses are pretty handy for phones that do not have a native telephoto lens. With the telephoto lens, the dynamic range and depth of field in photos or videos are well captured.

4. Projector

Image Source: Pexels

Android smartphones are a primary entertainment device for many people globally. The available entertainment apps such as Netflix and YouTube are not satisfying to experience on the small screens of smartphones.

Smartphone projectors are available to ensure people who use their phones for entertainment purposes reap the most out of the gadgets. The projector is connected to the phone via a wired connection or wirelessly. When using a wired connection, one connects their USB-C cable to the phone and connects a USB-C to an HDMI adapter at the other end to connect to the projector.

For a wireless connection, one can use screencasting via a Wi-Fi connection. This requires one to have the projector and phone on the same Wi-Fi connection. Using a wired connection on a smartphone projector gives a better experience. This is because wired connections do not experience input lag like wireless connections. 

Smartphone projectors vary based on output quality, size, build material, and luminance. It is important to scrutinize the available projectors before making a purchase decision.


There are endless lists of gadgets that are available for use with android devices. When buying an android gadget, one must ensure that the device is compatible with your phone, especially the android version. This is because some gadgets require specific android versions for their functionality. 

Once you have ascertained the gadget is compatible with your smartphone, you are set to enjoy a redefined experience with your android device.