Impressive Benefits Enjoyed by Microsoft AZ-220 Certification Exam Passers

Ever wondered why individuals opt to get certified? Well, the list of reasons is endless ― and highly tempting. And if you’re at the crossroads, contemplating whether passing the Microsoft AZ-220 certification exam is worth it, below are the remarkable benefits that will surely help you in making a sound decision.

Getting to know the exam beforehand

Before we get to the advantages of being an exam passer and eventually becoming a certification holder, let’s look into the basics of 70-410.This exam is the main requirement of the Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification. Therefore, you are required to accomplish the evaluation successfully to obtain the said Microsoft accreditation. The coverage of the test primarily focuses on the configuration and coding functions associated with cloud and IoT solutions. It evaluates your capability in setting up IoT solution infrastructures, implementing IoT Edge, and optimizing IoT solutions.

Additionally, it takes on how you effectively manage devices, apply business integration, process data, and integrate security aspects. All these pivotal subjects are expounded through the official skills outline, so try to maximize this file when studying for the exam.

Analyzing the Benefits Enjoyed by Certification Holders

To help you decide, these are the major perks when you become a Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty through the Exam-Labs.

1. Acquires subject matter expertise in developing Azure IoT

Designed to evaluate your adeptness in Azure IoT, the exam ensures that you can expertly configure IoT solutions and work on various coding tasks on an IoT solution infrastructure. It also certifies that you have a solid command in Azure services, from data analysis to data storage processing to PaaS options.

2. Keeps you up-to-date with significant changes in the field

Microsoft exams are religiously updated so you are guaranteed of the latest knowledge and skills relevant to your career. The skills outline for 70-741, in particular, will be updated on April 27, 2022, so be sure to download the newest document upon release.

3. Separates you from other candidates

Often than not, employers choose applicants with certification because they know of the value they can bring to the company. Therefore, if you have Microsoft accreditation on your profile, it makes you a standout among other candidates.

4. Increases your salary

According to the latest ZipRecruiter data, a general IoT developer earns approximately 70-742per year or $54 per hour. Such an amount can relatively increase if you become a certification holder. So, if you’re looking for a practical way to improve your financial standing, this is definitely a notable path to partake in.

5. Gives the recognition that you deserve

Lastly, certified individuals are highly recognized in their field because of the hard work and determination they exert to 98-366 their expertise. Consequently, the acknowledgment from your peer and superiors can help in boosting your morale and confidence.


Truly, achieving a technical accreditation opens up a lot of amazing opportunities in your career. So, don’t miss this chance and start preparing for the Microsoft AZ-220 exam. Soon, you’ll become a part of the coveted MS-300professionals and enjoy all the benefits above.