Imam Tawhidi and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed’s Warnings on Migrants and Extremism (Watch Videos)

France is currently witnessing widespread riots following the death of a Muslim teenager charged with traffic violations. As the country grapples with the escalating violence, an old video of Islamic cleric Imam Mohammad Tawhidi warning against importing migrants to France has gone viral on social media. The resurgence of this video has ignited discussions on the role of imported extremism and the consequences of such policies. Additionally, another video from 2017 featuring UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed has resurfaced, where he speaks about the potential risks associated with the influx of migrants into European nations.

Imam Tawhidi’s Cautionary Words on Importing Extremism:

Imam Tawhidi, also known as the “Imam of peace,” highlighted the presence of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) operating freely in Western nations while being restricted in Muslim countries. He emphasized the importance of exposing corrupt clerics within the Muslim world to combat extremism effectively. Tawhidi also criticized the Western narrative’s twisted perception of extremism and called for a proactive approach to address the problem.

Imam Tawhidi drew a parallel between household garbage and extremist ideology, stating that just as garbage is disposed of to prevent illness and bacteria, ideologies promoting discrimination and violence should not be respected. He questioned the decision to import individuals with extremist ideologies, who often refuse to work and rely on welfare, creating social tensions.

Imam Tawhidi praised Poland’s approach to tackling Islamic extremism, noting the absence of terrorist attacks. He highlighted the Polish policy of cracking down on extremism whenever a problem arises. In contrast, he criticized France and other Western countries for allowing extremists to exploit resources, occupy positions of power, and support ideologies contrary to Western values.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed’s Predictive Words:

In a video from 2017, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed spoke against the unchecked influx of migrants into European nations. The resurfacing of his speech has sparked discussions about the role of migrants, primarily Muslims, in the recent riots in France. Sheikh Abdullah’s warning about the potential infiltration of radicals and extremists into European societies has gained attention as some netizens connect it to the ongoing violence.